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  1. 2020年11月9日 · "Trebor Scholz is an artist, writer, conference organizer and chair of the conference series The Politics of Digital Culture at The New School in NYC where he is an Assistant Professor of Media Study. His forthcoming monograph with Polity offers a history of the Social Web and its Orwellian economies.

  2. Launched 2013 in Germany, Fairmondo is now going global. Fairmondo is rooted in an ethos of open source, open innovation, and a commons-based society. It has funded itself through a series of successful crowdfunding campaigns that have raised hundreds of thousands of Euros in member equity.

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    Since the definition of trust and reputation, as well as of trust metrics and reputation systems is partially interchangeable, see also our entry on Reputationwhere we discuss reputation systems. The Wikipedia article on trust metricsnotes that such systems must exhibit "Attack resistance, i.e. the ability to handle agents who participate in bad fa...

    Local vs. Global

    "A local trust metric predicts trust scores that are personalized from the point of view of every single user. For example a local trust metric might predict "Alice should trust Carol as 0.9" and "Bob should trust Carol as 0.1", or more formally trust(A,C)=0.9 and trust(B,C)=0.1 On the other hand, a global trust metric computes a single global trust value for every single user. Local trust metrics start from the assumption that every single trust statement is an equally worthy subjective opin...

    Objective vs. Subjective

    Objective: "Objective trust is sometimes used as synonym of reputation. In reality the trust cannot be defined objectively simply because every principal is free to express a level of trust in a certain trustee different from the level of trust expressed by the other principals on the same trustee. For this reason, it is better to use the term "reputation" when referring to an aggregated value computed by a global trust metric trying to represent what the community as a whole thinks about a c...

    "Trust metrics are currently applied in: 1. Peer to Peer file exchange and others computer based cooperative infrastructures usually very automated trust system with little manual intervention 1. Internet Pages Ranking, totally automated systems consider page view count or link count as an implicit trust data, other systems are based on explicit us...

    See our entries on Trust and Reputation
    TrustLet is a collaborative research effort with comprehensive information on the issue, there's also a wikiwhose goal is to review, understand, code and compare on same data all the trust metrics...
    Definitional work at
    An example of Content-driven Reputation
  3. Co-Creative Labor, Productive Democracy and the Partner State; a very important text to reset government policies for the p2p age. The 3 parts cover: 1 A value revolution in labor; 2 Re-constituting industrial strategies based on co-creative labor; 3 The Co-Creative Economy needs a Partner State. Michel Bauwens:

  4. 1. Human Relations Model: places a great deal on emphasis on flexibility and internal focus, and stresses cohesion, morale, and human resources development as criteria for effectiveness. 2. Open Systems Model emphasizes flexibility and external focus, and stresses readiness, growth, resource acquisition and external support. 3.

  5. Stacco Troncoso (Spain) is the strategic direction steward of the P2P Foundation as well as the project lead for Commons Transition, the P2PF’s main communication and advocacy hub. Commons Transition produces accessible information to effectively spread commons-based and -oriented ideas and experiences for civil society actors and policy makers.

  6. ...the undercommons is a kind of comportment or ongoing experiment with and as the general antagonism, a kind of way of being with others, it’s almost impossible that it could be matched up with particular institutional life. It would obviously be cut through in different kinds of ways and in different spaces and times...