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  1. 2020年12月29日 · Podcast. HER Thirsty Soul. World boxing champion Andre Berto and his baby mama, Porsha Nicole, are expanding their family. The couple welcomed their first child after getting engaged in 2018 and are now expecting Baby Berto No. 2. Nicole has had the Internet’s attention long before her association with Berto. Not only is she an entertainer ...

    • Female
    • Andre Berto
    • Brandon, Florida
    • 1989/11/17
  2. 2018年4月4日 · He was mortally wounded in the battle going on in the district and dies in Kaneki’s arms. The last we see both of them, Kaneki carries Hide’s body through the battlefield. His path is interrupted by the formidable CCG Reaper, Kishuo Arima. What happened after that is left in the air, as the season ended there. (Yeah, frustrating.

  3. 2019年6月28日 · George Robert Powell III was born on January 14, 1973 and hails from Texas. He’s currently serving a 28-year prison sentence for allegedly committing armed robbery. But Powell claims he’s innocent and alleges that he was framed by “junk science.”. The incident occurred on June 9, 2008 at a 7-Eleven in Killeen, Texas.

  4. 2020年3月19日 · Joe Exotic Bred Big Cats in His Roadside Zoo. The former Joseph Maldonado-Passage earned his public persona, Joe Exotic, and the moniker “Tiger King” for his massive private zoo in Wynnewood. The zoo that was spread across 16 acres housed tigers, lions, alligators, bears, and even the tiger-lion hybrids, ligers.

  5. 2017年11月23日 · She married her college sweetheart, Virgil Hoffman and raised four children and two stepchildren. She was a grandmother of 10. Steven was the music administrator of the Miller estate and also served in the marines. He and Lona, his wife of 42 years, have a son and two daughters. Steven passed away in 2012.

  6. 2018年5月29日 · Mikai went through chemotherapy when he was first diagnosed. However, despite being pronounced cancer-free, it returned in 2017. In an emotional video, Jager expressed that her brother was doing chemotherapy again, and it was working. “They did do scans already, and they saw improvement,” she mentioned. “They saw that the tumor is ...

  7. 2018年3月1日 · Hawn opened the envelope, gasped, and said, “Oh, my God, the winner is George C. Scott!”. But nobody got up to accept the award. The actor stood by his words of not wanting to receive an Emmy or an Oscar because he thought they were corrupt. Growing weary of stardom, Scott talked about why he declined the award and said, “There is no ...

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