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  1. 2022/11/21 · A festive gift guide 2022. Growing up, receiving gifts was the one thing I looked forward to most about the holidays – now, shopping for the perfect gift has replaced it. If you’ve also started hunting down the coolest items for your Minecrafter friends and family members, then I’m here to help out. Below you’ll find a list of our most ...

  2. 2022/11/22 · Fixed bugs in 1.19.3 Pre-Release 1. MC-156663 - Villager pathfinding broken in water. MC-177596 - Weaponsmith working subtitle is “Grindstone used” instead of “Weaponsmith works”. MC-177676 - Armorer working subtitle is “Blast Furnace crackles” instead of “Armorer works”. MC-245697 - Certain mobs can’t get out of water that is ...

  3. 2022/11/22 · Block Friday returns. Quacking freebies, deals, and more! Every day is blocky in Minecraft, but one day is blockier than most: Block Friday! From November 22 - November 28* head to Minecraft Marketplace for the Block Friday Sale (spanning not one day, but seven) and discover dazzling discounts, doorbuster deals, and even some duck-based freebies!

  4. 2022/11/21 · Minecraft Axolotl Ornament. Decorating the house for the holidays is one of my favorite things to do. If there’s a hook or a ledge or basically any empty surface, it’s getting decorated with the many festive knick-knacks I’ve acquired over the years. This year, it’s the axolotl ornament’s turn to shine.

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