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  1. List of Korean surnames - Wikipedia › wiki › Korean_family_names

    This is a list of Korean surnames, in Hangul alphabetical order. Note: (S) denotes South Korea. (N) denotes North Korea. The most common Korean family name (particularly in South Korea) is Kim, followed by Lee and Park. These three family names ...

  2. Cultural assets of North Korea - Wikipedia › wiki › Cultural_assets_of_North_Korea

    Cultural assets of North Korea. The Myogilsang buddhist statue on Mount Kumgang, the 102nd Korean national treasure. Designated cultural assets of North Korea are tangible artifacts, sites, and buildings deemed to have significant historical or ...

    • 조선민주주의인민공화국보존급
    • Joseon-minjujuui-inmin-gonghwaguk-bojongeup
  3. List of common Chinese surnames - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_common_Chinese_surnames

    Greater China Mainland China This list of the 100 most common Chinese surnames derives from China's Ministry of Public Security's annual report on the top 100 surnames in China, with the latest report release in January 2020 for the year ...

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