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    Cambodia (/ k æ m ˈ b oʊ d i ə / (listen); [11] also Kampuchea / ˌ k æ m p ʊ ˈ tʃ iː ə /; Khmer: កម ព ជ , UNGEGN: Kâmpŭchéa, ALA-LC: Kambujā [kampuciə]), officially the Kingdom of Cambodia, is a country located in the southern portion of the Indochinese Peninsula in Southeast Asia, spanning an area of 181,035 square kilometres (69,898 square miles), bordered by Thailand ...

  2. Potato production in Cambodia. Potato production in Cambodia has traditionally been negligible. With rising levels of potato consumption in Cambodia, the government has begun to encourage farmers to produce more potatoes. In September 2016, the first potato research center in Cambodia was opened.

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    The 7-point policies of the CNRP: 1. A pension of 40,000 riels or US$10 a month for old people aged 65 and over. 2. A minimum wage of 600,000 riels or US$150 a month for workers. 3. A minimum wage of 1,000,000 riels or US$250 a month for public servants. 4. Guarantee of prices for farm produce (the lowest price of rice is 1,000 riels or US$0.25 per...

    Domestic policy

    The domestic policy of the CNRP promoted national reconciliation by banning discrimination, patronage and nepotism based on a set of principles: 1. Non-violent struggle and peaceful resolution of problems. 2. Respect and observance of human rights. 3. Address the issue of illegal immigration through effective enforcement of the nationality law and the immigration law. 4. Social justicewith the state’s guarantee of human rights, freedoms and equal opportunities in the political, economic and s...


    The CNRP advocated a free market economy based on economic liberalism. 1. Competition and equitable development. 2. Production for domestic products for consumption and exportation. 3. Promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises and the creation of confidence for foreign investment.

    Education, youth and employment

    1. Human resource development with equal access to education. 2. Quality and high standard education. 3. Technical and professional training to equip the youth with high skills. 4. Introducing student loans and scholarship plans for higher education.

  3. Khmer ( / kmɛər, kəˈmɛər /; [3] ខ្មែរ, Khmêr [kʰmae]) is an Austroasiatic language spoken by the Khmer people, and the official and national language of Cambodia. Khmer has been influenced considerably by Sanskrit and Pali, especially in the royal and religious registers, through Hinduism and Buddhism. It is also the earliest ...

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    The current National Assembly originated as the Constituent Assembly, a legislative body elected during the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC). After the 1993 election, the Assembly met and adopted a new constitution for Cambodia. After enactment of the 1993 Constitution, the Constituent Assembly was renamed the National Asse...

    The qualifications to be a candidatefor the National Assembly are outlined in Article 76 of the 1993 Constitution. 1. The candidate must be a citizen of Cambodia by birth only. 2. The citizen must be at the age of twenty-five or older on Election Day. 3. The candidate must be on the electoral register.

    Law Adoption 1. Adopt and Amend laws for Cambodia and approve the national budget and administration accounts. (Article 90) 2. Approve or repeal international treaties and conventions. (Article 90) 3. Initiate legislation. (Article 91) Vote of confidence 1. Shall pass a vote of confidence in the Royal Government. (Article 90) 2. Dismiss any members...

  4. Football Federation of Cambodia AFC Founded 1933 FIFA affiliation 1954 AFC affiliation 1954 AFF affiliation 1998 President Sao Sokha Website The Football Federation of Cambodia (FFC; Khmer: សហព ន ធក ឡ ប ល ទ ត កម ព ជ , Sâhâpoănth Keilabăltoăt Kâmpŭchéa; French: Fédération de football du Cambodge) is a governing body that administers some ...

  5. The prime minister of Cambodia (Khmer: ន យករដ ឋមន ត រ ន កម ព ជ , Néayôkrôdthmôntrei ney Kâmpŭchéa [niəjuək.rɔət.mɔntrəj nəj kampuciə]) is the head of government of Cambodia.The prime minister is also the chairman of the Cabinet and leads the executive branch of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

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