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  1. 2 天前 · Sinise has been publicly open about his political views, even starting Friends of Abe, a conservative group for Hollywood figures, in 2004. When asked if conservatives in the entertainment ...

    • Carly Thomas
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  3. 2021年9月20日 · In Stefano Mordini’s film 'The Catholic School,' based on Edoardo Albinati’s fact-based novel of the same name, a group of young, privileged men commit a disturbing crime.

  4. 2 天前 · As the 64-year-old actress reminisces about all she has learned, she says, “That’s the beautiful gift of aging: The things that are unimportant slip away. That is the essence of the truth that ...

    • Carly Thomas
  5. 2022年5月5日 · "The fact is, during the seven years of shooting 'TNG,' I truly began to understand that I didn't know where Patrick Stewart left off and Jean-Luc Picard began," the distinguished actor tells THR.

  6. Movie News, entertainment, and all things Hollywood, Pop Culture, Music, and Politics. Jamie Lee Curtis Says She Has “Emerged” While Celebrating the “Beautiful Gift of Aging” in Hollywood

  7. 2023年1月26日 · The second of two episodes sent to critics is so disjointed and uninvolving that all curiosity evaporated, like the tiniest droplet of water in the middle of an inferno. Speaking of infernos, that ...