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  3. 房產交易好Easy!地段機能輕鬆快篩,掌握『成交行情』安心出好價,快速媒合超方便! 詢問度超高,輕鬆入主精華地區!條件搜尋超方便,小家庭幸福居,挑戰市場新低價!

  1. 2017/10/8 · That conceptual frame is the Chthulucene. Both the Anthropocene and Capitalocene are seen as lending themselves “too readily to cynicism, defeatism, and self-certain and self-fulfilling predictions” (Haraway, 2016b). The Chthulucene, alternatively, is “made up of ongoing multispecies stories and practises of becoming-with in times that ...

    • A Cryptocurrency System
    • A Space-Time Asymmetry
    • A Solution
    • to Summarize

    "Duniter uses the crypto-currency concept introduced by Bitcoin, which is to use cryptographic tools such as signatures to create digital currencies. Duniter fits this definition, but it has completely different inspirations than Bitcoin -- the Web of Trust and Universal Dividend -- to do better than Bitcoin. Actually, Duniter has a reference to a ...

    Space-time asymmetry refers to the relative access of individuals to newly created money. Concretely, all existing currencies (c. 2015) are both spatially and temporally asymmetrical for their users. Let's take Bitcoin as an example to understand why.

    Bitcoin has taught us that it is possible to create a currency system allowing one to both create digital money and to exchange it without a central authority. What we need to change is the way money is issued so we finally have a symmetrical system. We need Bitcoin + Universal Dividend. But Universal Dividend implies that the community consists of...

    Duniter's blockchain can be compared to Bitcoin's blockchain: a great book tracing the history of each membership inside the Community along with the transactions of its users. With the blockchain, we have the fundamental referential of the Relative Money Theory members (humans), and the flow of money through the transactions generated by the curre...

  2. They are outliers. Henrich explains: WEIRD people are highly individualistic, self-obsessed, control-oriented, nonconformist, and analytical. We focus on ourselves — our attributes, accomplishments, and aspirations — over our relationships and social roles. We aim to be “ourselves” across contexts and see inconsistencies in others as ...

  3. 1 Description 1.1 Part 1 1.2 Part 2 2 Excerpts 2.1 From the Conclusions of Part 1 2.1.1 Part One: Urban Commons Projects in the Global South Conclusion 1: The Problematic Role of the State and Local Administrations Conclusion 2: The projects are ‘integrative’ in their approach ...

  4. 2019/12/30 · John Marot: “The mir, or peasant repartitional commune, managed the political and economic affairs of the peasantry in the villages in much of Russia, and had done so for centuries. Its officers, drawn from older, more experienced peasants, were elected in peasant assemblies, where decisions required unanimity in a great majority of cases.

  5. = the object of P2P Theory is to investigate the specific phase transition from social forms based on the domination of the market form (aka capitalism), to social forms based on the peer to peer network form and the commons Discussion Different historians and ...

  1. 桃園透天別墅 相關
  2. 找房非難事,只怕你不看!主題搜尋x透明資訊,找房安心高效率,千萬好屋線上挑,馬上預約看房! 尋屋好夥伴!滿足客戶自住、投資需求,線上快搜x房貸試算,迅速鎖定理想宅,立即查詢專屬房!

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  4. 房產交易好Easy!地段機能輕鬆快篩,掌握『成交行情』安心出好價,快速媒合超方便! 詢問度超高,輕鬆入主精華地區!條件搜尋超方便,小家庭幸福居,挑戰市場新低價!

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