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  1. 水庫名稱

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  2. A staggering 20 billion PET bottles are consumed each year in Japan. Moreover, in a culture where people don’t wish to be seen as expecting special treatment or getting something “extra,” the majority wouldn’t think to ask staff in a café or restaurant to refill their water bottle for them.

  3. "Zooko's triangle is a diagram named after Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn which sets out a conjecture for any system for giving names to participants in a network protocol. At the vertices of the triangle are three properties that are generally considered desirable for such names:

  4. Marc Santolini - P2P Foundation. Bio. "Marc Santolini is a network scientist who studies how individuals and groups innovate, collaborate and learn, with a particular focus on open and citizen science communities and the open-source movement.

  5. Aquaponics is a gardening system that combines both fish farming and hydroponics. It very good system to use during a drought, since it uses much less water than traditional gardening (more on aquaponics automation and business thinking).

  6. Epidigital is a term that has gained traction in recent years as a means of articulating developments in contemporary culture, which has seen a move beyond the postdigital mode of the late 20th century. The term is defined by an artist, designer, and forefather of the Postdigital movement, Ryota Matsumoto in 2021.

  7. 2020年10月10日 · One Earth presents a novel biogeographical framework called Bioregions 2020, which builds upon the world’s 846 terrestrial ecoregional divisions (Dinerstein et al. 2017) to delineate 184 discreet bioregions.

  8. Salingaros is the author of five books: “Anti-Architecture and Deconstruction” (2004), “Principles of Urban Structure” (2005), “A Theory of Architecture” (2006), “No Alle Archistar” (2009), “Twelve Lectures on Architecture” (2010), as well as over 120 scientific papers.

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