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  1. 水庫名稱

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  2. Each ayllu is defined by a territory that includes not just a piece of land, but the eco-system of which that land is one component. The territory is not private property. It is not property at all, but the home for all of those living in and from it. Remember: here, we are not in a capitalist economic organisation."

  3. 2014年10月29日 · Jay Walljasper: "The water commons as a concept is easy to understand. And in a time when our planet is threatened by global warming, the importance of the idea is all-too-obvious. Put simply, the water commons means that water is no one’s property; it rightfully belongs to all of humanity and to the earth itself.

  4. A staggering 20 billion PET bottles are consumed each year in Japan. Moreover, in a culture where people don’t wish to be seen as expecting special treatment or getting something “extra,” the majority wouldn’t think to ask staff in a café or restaurant to refill their water bottle for them.

  5. "The Drogulus (WIP) is a programmable peer-to-peer data store. It's an open, federated and decentralised system where the identity of users and provenance of data is ensured by cryptographically signing digital assets." Category: P2P Infrastructure.

  6. Roberto Verzola has been a social activist since his college days in the 1970s. He was a political prisoner for three years (1974-1977) of the Philippine martial law regime.

  7. Description. "MakerPlane, the open source aviation organization, and Vx Aviation, are pleased to announce the availability of a range of avionics as free and open source hardware designs. The plans and installation instructions are available at no charge for download on the MakerPlane website.

  8. 2024年4月16日 · San Pisith is a Buddhist Monk and an Early Stage Researcher at Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance. He has joined the Cosmolocalism project since September 2019 to pursue a Ph.D. at TalTech, Estonia. His Ph.D. thesis focuses on Buddhist Economics, Buddhist Governance, Commons, and Happiness and Public Purpose.

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