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  1. 2022 FIFA World Cup Group A. Ecuador beat host nation Qatar 2–0 in the tournament's opening match. Group A of the 2022 FIFA World Cup took place from 20 to 29 November 2022. [1] The group consisted of host nation Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal and the Netherlands. The top two teams, the Netherlands and Senegal, advanced to the round of 16.

  2. In July 1944 one month before the liberation of the Isère, the Polish students of the Lycée of Villard-de-Lans took part in combat against the Germans alongside the French resistance on the plateau of the Vercors. Of the 27 Poles, mostly aged 16 to 19 years, 11 died, as did 2 teachers and the doctor of the school. [2]

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    The army began to be organized soon after the fall of Poland on October 6, 1939. France, a Polish ally, had formally declared war on Germany on September 3 in response to the invasion, but it had not yet undertaken any major operations against the Germans (see Phoney War) before the creation began. France welcomed the Polish refugees (as well as th...


    The following units were organised in mainland France Four Polish divisions: 1. 1st Grenadier Division 2. 2nd Infantry Fusiliers Division 3. 3rd Infantry Division 4. 4th Infantry Division a Polish motorized brigade: 1. The ceremony parade presenting the banner of the Independent Podhale Rifle Brigade, 1940.10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade (Poland) (10e Brigade de cavalerie blindée) and a Polish infantry brigade: 1. Polish Independent Highland Brigade (Samodzielna Brygada Strzelców Podhalańskich)...

    Air force

    The Polish Air Force in France comprised only one fighter squadron GC 1/145 "Warsaw". Other units were to be formed, but their pilots got assigned to French squadrons or territorial defence instead.


    Polish Navy ships which left the Baltic during Operation Peking were attached to the Royal Navy of United Kingdom, not the French command, and as such are not considered as the part of the Polish armed forces in France.

    With the German invasion of France, at first only Polish armoured units were pressed in formation, but after the Germans broke through the French front, all Polish formations were moved to the front-line, although the units still had not received all of their equipment and supplies from the French logistics services. None of the units were complete...

    The Polish Air Force fought in the Battle of France as one fighter squadron GC 1/145 "Warsaw". A creation of other units was not completed, but sixteen flights of Polish pilots and ground crew were detached to French fighter squadrons, and took part in combat. Further ten flights and two bigger escadrilles were assigned for territorial defence. The...

    About 55,000 of the 85,000 Polish soldiers in France were in formations organized enough to fight the Germans. 1,400 Polish soldiers died fighting in the defence of France, 4,000 were wounded, 16,000 were taken prisoner, and about 13,000 Polish personnel were interned in Switzerland. General Władysław Sikorski, Polish commander-in-chief and prime m...

    Belcarz, Bartłomiej (2002). Polskie Lotnictwo we Francji 1940 (Polish Air Force in France 1940). Stratus. ISBN 83-916327-6-8 (in Polish)

  3. Polsat Sport. Website. www .plk .pl. 2022–23 PLK season. Polska Liga Koszykówki ( PLK) ( English: Polish Basketball League) is a professional men's club basketball league in Poland. It constitutes the first and highest-tier level of the Polish league pyramid. The winning team of the final round are crowned the Polish Champions of that season.

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    After the German-Soviet invasion of Poland of 1939, most of the flying personnel and technicians of the Polish Air Force were evacuated to Romania and Hungary, after which thousands found their way to France. There, in accordance with the Franco-Polish Military Alliance of 1921 and the amendments of 1939, Polish Air Force units were to be re-create...

    When the Polish RAF squadrons were formed, a series of badges or coats of arms were designed for each of the Polish squadrons or flying units with the exception of 945 & 929 Balloon Squadrons, 1586 Flight and 6(C) OTU. Some of the squadron badges were based on squadron or escadrille badges of Polish flying units pre-1939 before the Second World War...


    List of Polish units based on Bartłomiej Belcarz's research and publications. 1. Armée de l'Air, May 10, 1940 – Zone d´Operations Aériennes des Alpes 1.1. Groupe de Chasse de Varsovie at Lyon-Bron 1.2. Groupe de Chasse GC I/145 at Lyon-Bron and at Dreux(Bloch MB.152 and Caudron C.714) 1.3. Section no.1 Łaszkiewicz GC III/2 1.4. Section no.2 Pentz GC II/6 1.5. Section no.3 Sulerzycki GC III/6 1.6. Section no.4 Bursztyn GC III/1 1.7. Section no.5 Brzeziński GC I/2 1.8. Section no.6 Goettel GC I...

    United Kingdom

    1. Royal Air Force (Home Command), June 6, 1944 1.1. RAF Bomber Command 1.1.1. No. 1 Bomber Group No. 300 Polish Bomber Squadron "Masovia" RAF Faldingworth(Avro Lancaster Mk. I & III, Fairey Battle Mk. 1, and Vickers Wellington MK. IC, III, IV, and X) No. 301 Polish Bomber Squadron "Pomerania" RAF Faldingworth(Consolidated Liberator B Mk. III, V, and IV, Fairey Battle Mk. I, Handley Page Halifax Mk. II, V, and VIII, Vickers Warwick C Mk. I & III, and Vickers Wellington Mk. I...

    Belcarz, Bartłomiej. Polskie lotnictwo we Francji (in Polish), Stratus, Sandomierz 2002, ISBN 83-916327-6-8.
    Belcarz, Bartłomiej. Morane MS 406C1, Caudron Cyclone CR 714C1, Bloch MB 151/152 (Polskie Skrzydła 2) (in Polish), Sandomierz, Poland: Stratus, 2004. ISBN 83-89450-21-6.
    Cynk, Jerzy Bogdam. History Of The Polish Air Force 1918–1968 (Aircam Special S9). Reading, Berkshire, UK: Osprey Publications, 1972. ISBN 0-85045-039-X.
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  4. Information Promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship Date December 17, 2022 () Venue UFC Apex City Enterprise, Nevada, United States Attendance Not announced Event chronology UFC Fight Night: Cannonier vs. Strickland (also known as UFC Fight Night 216, UFC on ESPN+ 74 and UFC Vegas 66) was a mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship that took place on December 17 ...

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    France ( French: [fʁɑ̃s] ), officially the French Republic (French: République française [ʁepyblik frɑ̃sɛz] ), [14] is a country primarily located in Western Europe. It also includes overseas regions and territories in the Americas and the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, [XII] giving it one of the largest discontiguous exclusive ...