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  2. Ji Sian is an Award-Winning Jiu-Jitsu Teacher. 台灣學歷認可、英語學程、歐盟成員國、習醫最低花費。

  1. Decision to Leave (Korean: 헤어질 결심; Hanja: 헤어질 決心; RR: Heeojil gyeolsim; lit. Resolution to Break Up) is a 2022 South Korean romantic mystery film produced, co-written and directed by Park Chan-wook. It stars Tang Wei and Park Hae-il.[3] In April 2022, the film was selected to compete for the Palme d'Or at the 2022 Cannes ...

    • 헤어질 결심
    • Jeong Seo-kyeong, Park Chan-wook
  2. › wiki › HyunaHyuna - Wikipedia

    Hyuna was born on June 6, 1992 in Seoul, South Korea.Her Hanja name is "泫我". However, Hyuna's Chinese teacher told her that it sounded bizarre in Mandarin (pinyin: Xuàn Wǒ, which could be translated as "I weep") and recommended she adopt the characters "泫雅" (pinyin: Xuàn Yǎ) as her name for promotional activities in Taiwan, which she agreed to, commenting that "泫雅" sounded ...

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    The full music video was released at SBS MTV on October 21, and at YouTube on October 22, 2012. At the start of the video, PSY is "gobbling up a few ice cream cones." The song's music video also features a cameo by South Korean rapper Psy. Hyuna had previously featured in the music video for PSY's "Gangnam Style". The video featured bubbles, a tatt...

    Hyuna - vocals, rap
    Brave Brothers - producing, songwriting, arranger, music
    "Ice Cream" Music Video Teaser on YouTube
    "Ice Cream" Music Video on YouTube
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    In the Human Realm, 13-year-oldoptimist Molly McGee arrives in her new hometown of Brighton, only to discover a grumpy ghost named Scratch haunting her new house. Scratch curses Molly in an attempt to scare her away; however, this backfires, forever binding him to her. After a rocky introduction to Molly's family, Scratch and Molly form a tentative...


    1. Molly McGee (voiced by Ashly Burch), an optimistic girl of Irish and Thaiancestry who lives to make the world a better place. She keeps Scratch a secret from anyone who isn't her family, and later Libby. 1. Scratch (voiced by Dana Snyder), a grumpy ghost cursed to be alongside Molly. While he isn't seen by any humans except the McGee family and Libby, his favorite member of the McGee family is Grandma Nin, because she sends him Thai snacks. His main hobby is making people miserable. His jo...


    Brightoncitizens 1. Libby Stein-Torres (voiced by Lara Jill Miller), Molly's best human friend in Brighton. She is of mixed Jewish and Hispanic/Latinoancestry. Libby has a love for turtles. She suffers from frequent slapstick comedy as she is shown to be rather unlucky. Libby hides her head in her turtleneck collar when she is nervous. She knows about historical people as they are people that passed away a long time ago. Libby is unaware of Scratch's presence at first, until "Scratch the Surf...

    Guest stars

    1. Howlin' Harriet (voiced by Eden Riegel) appears in "Howlin' Harriet/The (Un)natural". 2. Tammy Myers (voiced by Chandler Kinney)appears in "Howlin' Harriet/The (Un)natural". 3. Kenny Star (voiced by Tom Kenny) appears in "Getting the Band(shell) Back Together/The Greatest Concert Ever". 4. Greta Gerwig(voiced by herself) appears in "Mama's Gotta Hustle/Hooray for Mollywood!". 5. Uncle Ted (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) appears in "Mazel Tov, Libby!/No Good Deed". 6. Eva Hernandez (voiced by Al...

    The animated series was first conceived by co-creators Bill Motz and Bob Roth in 2007. The two of them had worked at Disney for years, with their first ever script being an episode of Darkwing Duck. At the time, the series was known as The Curse of Piper McGee and initially focused on the titular girl's family moving to Transylvania where she was c...

    The series' theme song was written by Allie Felder, Mike Kramer, Bill Motz and Bob Roth, and was performed by Ashly Burch and Dana Snyder. Songs for the series are written by Rob Cantor, with each episode featuring a musical sequence of approximately 1 minute. The show's score is done by Michael Kramer. An extended playalbum of some of the songs fr...

    Chibi Tiny Tales

    Shortly after the series premiere, The Ghost and Molly McGee became the latest to join the Chibi Tiny Talesseries.

    Broken Karaoke

    Part of the Broken Karaoke series that was started by Big City Greens.

    Theme Song Takeover

    As part of a promotional campaign, Disney Channel began airing the Disney Theme Song Takeover wherein supporting characters from different shows performed the theme song to the series they were in.

    The Ghost and Molly McGee premiered on Disney Channel on October 1, 2021. The first five episodes of the series were added to Disney+ on October 6, resulting in episodes 3-5 being released prior to their televised premieres.The first episode was uploaded to YouTubeon October 2, 2021.

    Critical reception

    Kate Robertson of Stuff described the main characters as a pair forming an "unlikely friendship" who help each other evolve, describing Molly as "an optimist [...] who just wants to make the world a better place" and Scratch as a "pessimist who hopes for the worst," and stated that the series is "funny, charming and an all-round joy to watch." Ashley Moulton of Common Sense Media rated the series 4 out of 5 stars and depicted it as a "funny ghost-girl buddy story...[with] mild ghoulish scares...

  3. Many visitors come to Wikipedia to acquire knowledge, while others come to share knowledge. As you read this, dozens of articles are being improved and new articles are being created. Changes can be viewed at the Recent changes page, and random pages at Random articles. 6,092 articles have been designated by the Wikipedia community as featured articles, exemplifying the encyclopedia's best ...

  4. is an ecommerce platform that sells many product lines, including media (books, movies, music, and software), apparel, baby products, consumer electronics, beauty products, gourmet food, groceries, health and personal care products, industrial & scientific supplies, kitchen items, jewelry, watches, lawn and garden items, musical instruments, sporting goods, tools, automotive items ...

  5. Rochelle Paula Walensky (née Bersoff; born April 5, 1969) is an American physician-scientist who is the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the administrator of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.[1] Prior to her appointment at the CDC, she was the Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at ...

  1. 泫雅分手了 相關
  2. Ji Sian is an Award-Winning Jiu-Jitsu Teacher. 台灣學歷認可、英語學程、歐盟成員國、習醫最低花費。

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