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  1. The Chakachas were a Belgium-based group of Latin soul studio musicians.Also known as Les Chakachas, Los Chakachas, or Los Chicles, [citation needed] they were formed by bandleader Gaston Bogaerts, percussion (conga and tumba); Kari Kenton, vocals and maracas; Vic Ingeveldt (a Dutchman from Liège), saxophone; Charlie Lots, trumpet; Christian Marc, piano; Henri Breyre, guitar and backing ...

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    Çatalca (Metrae; Ancient Greek: Μέτραι, romanized: Métrai) is a city and a rural district in Istanbul, Turkey. It is the largest district in Istanbul by area. It is in East Thrace, on the ridge between the Marmara and the Black Sea. Most people living in Çatalca are either farmers or those visiting vacation homes. Many families from ...

    • 1,343.70 km² (518.81 sq mi)
    • Turkey
  3. People Jérôme Phélypeaux, comte de Pontchartrain, French statesman (1674–1747), the son of Louis Phélypeaux (1643-1727), comte de Pontchartrain, French statesman Places Fort Detroit (Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit), Detroit, Michigan Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana ...

  4. "The Cha-Cha-Cha" is a song released in 1962 by Bobby Rydell. Background The song tells of the singer's desire to have his "baby" dance the Cha-Cha-Cha, while bemoaning the dance trends of the day (directly referencing the Twist, Wah-Watusi, Hully-Gully, Locomotion and Mashed Potatoes).

    • Life
    • War-Crimes Indictment
    • Reaction
    • Death

    Csatáry was born in Mány in 1915. In 1944 he was the Royal Hungarian Police assistant to the commander in the city of Kassa in Hungary (now Košice in Slovakia). He was accused of organizing the deportation of approximately 15,700 Jews to Auschwitz and of having inhumanely exercised his authority in a forced labor camp.He was also accused of brutali...

    On 18 June 2013, Hungarian prosecutors charged Csatáry with war crimes, saying he had abused Jews and helped to deport Jews to Auschwitzduring World War II. A spokesperson for the Budapest Chief Prosecutor's Office said, "He is charged with the unlawful execution and torture of people, (thus) committing war crimes partly as a perpetrator, partly as...

    Efraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, said about his finding:[deprecated source][dead link] Yishayahu Schachar, Jewish survivor who encountered Csatáry, said: László Karsai, a Hungarian Holocaust historian and the son of a Holocaust survivor, said:

    Csatáry died on 10 August 2013 from pneumonia at a hospital in Budapest, aged 98. According to daily Bors, Csatáry had been hospitalized for a long time, where he caught pneumonia. Efraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center stated that he was "deeply disappointed" that Csatáry had died without facing trial.

  5. Calibrated Carbon 14 dates for Çatalhöyük, as of 2013. [1] Çatalhöyük ( Turkish pronunciation: [tʃaˈtaɫhœjyc]; also Çatal Höyük and Çatal Hüyük; from Turkish çatal "fork" + höyük "tumulus") is a tell of a very large Neolithic and Chalcolithic proto-city settlement in southern Anatolia, which existed from approximately 7500 BC ...

  6. Tylman Gamerski. The Czapski Palace ( Polish: Pałac Czapskich, IPA: [ˈpawat͡s ˈt͡ʂapskʲix] ), also called the Krasiński, Sieniawski or Raczyński Palace, is a substantial palace in the center of Warsaw, at 5 Krakowskie Przedmieście. It is considered one of the most distinguished examples of rococo architecture in Poland's capital.

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