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  1. 進一步了解即將推出的新 Minecraft Legends 遊戲!探索此動作策略遊戲的神祕之處,以保衛主世界,抵禦疣豬入侵。 讓主世界團結一心 探索全新動作類策略遊戲 Minecraft Legends 的神秘之處在英雄級戰鬥中,引領你的盟友保衛主世界不受疣豬獸的破壞。

  2. 2022/10/3 · Minecraft Creator Series. Bring your favorite Character Creator looks to life. I’ve always loved expressing myself through my appearance – it’s why I couldn’t stick to one hair color for about a decade. That and the delightfully chaotic vibes of late-night DIY hair dye. However, my most recent experiment in self-expression – dramatic ...

  3. 2022/10/3 · Let me introduce you to the sniffer, one of the three mobs you can vote for in this year’s Mob Vote! What once was lost is now found in this extinct mob. Revive the species and help it thrive once more! All you have to do is search chests in underwater ruins for sniffer eggs, bring them to the surface, and help them hatch.

  4. 2022/5/3 · Between May 3 and May 9, you can get 33% off five Star Wars skin packs and the epic Star Wars DLC. You can also claim a free* R2-D2 beanie Character Creator item in the Dressing Room! As a big Star Wars fan myself, I started to think of how I could mark this very special occasion in Minecraft. My first thought was that I could find a swamp ...

  5. It looks like you’re using a device that doesn’t support Minecraft Marketplace. Marketplace content is available in the Windows 10, Xbox One, or Pocket Edition of Minecraft. If you have one of these versions, go to the Minecraft in-game store to purchase this content.

  6. 2022/11/22 · Frogs are an extremely recent addition to Minecraft, joining the party in the Wild update in June 2022, which – among other features – included an extensive reworking of the swamp biome where frogs are found. The frog is a passive mob, meaning that they’ll just chill out most of the time and not bother you. They generate naturally in ...

  7. 2022/9/8 · Yes! It could, and is, almost time for the biggest event of the year – Minecraft Live!!! That’s right, our epic livestream is back on October 15 at noon EDT! Get all your Minecraft, Dungeons, and Legends news by tuning into our YouTube channel or watching right here on .

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