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  1. H Ill - 東京女子医科大学 ... H Ill

  2. Name. Chikahiro IMASHIRO. Department. Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science (Tokyo Women’s Medical University) Title. Postdoctoral Fellow. [Joint Appointment] Department. Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University.

  3. TWMU was founded in 1900 as Tokyo Women’s Medical School by YOSHIOKA Yayoi, the 27th licensed female doctor of medicine in Japan. The university guiding principle established in 1952 is founded on Yoshioka’s core values and academic philosophy: “to nurture female medical professionals who can contribute to the society and refine their ...

  4. Campus Tour (Direction and maps) Location Map Kawada-cho Campus Tokyo Women's Medical University Tokyo Women's Medical University Graduate School School of Medicine School of Nursing Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital 8-1, Kawada

  5. The institute was opened in 1992. Patients are treated holistically using Oriental medicine together with modern medicine. Extracts and decoctions best suited to individual diseases and symptoms are prescribed and treatment also includes acupuncture and moxibustion. Studies are conducted to systematize Oriental medicine.

  6. Tokyo Women’ s Medical University originated from Tokyo Women’ s Medical School, which was commenced in 1900. YOSHIOKA Yayoi, the founder of Tokyo Women’ s Medical University, adopted the concept of the primary mission of Tokyo Women’ s Medical School as the founding spirit when she newly established Tokyo Women’ s Medical College ...

  7. Tokyo Women’s Medical University Nursing School. The TWMU Nursing School originated from the Vocational School for Midwives and Nurses founded in 1930 affiliated with Tokyo Women’s Medical Professional School and has a history spanning 92 years. The Nursing School moved to Nishiogu, Arakawa-ku in 1968.

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