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  1. 2024年7月2日 · The Summer Celebration * is back and with it the warm winds of adventure! Between July 2-16, you can try different ways of playing Minecraft – from the laid back to the action-packed – with deals and discounts at Minecraft Marketplace.

  2. 2024年6月27日 · Torchflowers were first discovered in the Overworld following the Trails & Tales update in June 2023. Crucially, this update added Sniffers, which can be hatched if you dig up one of their eggs during an archeological expedition – and it’s one of these sniffers that you’ll need to recruit if you want a garden full of torchflowers.

  3. 2024年6月20日 · Sculk shriekers were added to Minecraft in the Wild Update in June 2022, at the same time as the rest of the deep dark. Thankfully they’re rarely seen in most of the biome, but if you stumble into an ancient city then you’ll want to be much more careful because they’re far more common there.