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  1. 2016年10月24日 · YouTuber RachhLoves created a bunch of super cute and simple Halloween costumes. You can dress up as Twitter! All it takes is a white t-shirt, blue lay, and a little blue bird tied to your hair, and there you have it. You can make your costume even more fun by walking around with a sharpie and letting your friends write a tweet on your shirt!

  2. 2021年8月6日 · Monica Hughes and Eric Mangin married when they were 19. They’ve been together for over two decades. On her blog, Monica recalled creating one of her earliest DIY projects for their first anniversary. Years later, she shared the same project, called The Game of Love, on her blog, and it went viral in 2013.

    • Eric Mangin
  3. 2019年3月8日 · Born Joanie Dodds on September 20, 1981, the former model is 37 years old. She originally hails from Pennsylvania and lived in Ohio. In Pennsylvania, Joanie lived in Beaver Falls and attended Blackhawk High School. She later came to Rawson, Ohio, where she graduated from Cory-Rawson High School in 2000. Advertisement.

  4. 2022年9月5日 · Salvage Dawgs was one of the fan-favorite shows that ceased due to the pandemic in 2020 after a decade of upcycling historical pieces. But Mike Whiteside and Robert Kulp continued running their business, Black Dog Salvage. Mike Whiteside is primarily the designer and fabricator of the unique pieces that Kulp sources from historical buildings.

  5. 2020年12月25日 · Matthew Blashaw was born on November 6, 1975 in California. He is the son of Deborah Klee Blashaw and Lawrence Blashaw. Most of Matt’s family is based in Orange County where he is from. Matt’s grandfather, Lawrence Blashaw Sr., fought in the Battle of Bulge during World War II. He met Matt’s grandmother, Nita, in England.

  6. 2021年8月26日 · Burdette has been a clinical sales associate since 2011. She currently works at Midlantic Technologies. She is also active in the local community. Burdette served on the board of the Valley Forge Mountain Swim Club for a decade. Since 2017, she’s served on the Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology board of directors.

  7. 2016年9月23日 · The popular DIY action and adventure drama is getting a reboot with an all new cast. Nearly 25 years ago, the show made Richard Dean Anderson a household name as Angus ‘Mac’ MacGyver, an ingenious and resourceful secret agent working for the U.S. Government, who was known to get out of sticky situations using everyday items and his faithful companion, a Swiss army knife.