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    Lou mei is the Cantonese name given to dishes made by braising in a sauce known as a master stock or lou sauce ( 滷水; lou5 seoi2; lóuh séui or 滷汁; lou5 zap1; lóuh jāp ). The dish is known as lu wei in Taiwan. Lou mei can be made from meat, offal, and other off-cuts. The most common varieties are beef, pork, duck and chicken.

  2. Monosodium glutamate ( MSG ), also known as sodium glutamate, is a sodium salt of glutamic acid. MSG is found naturally in some foods including tomatoes and cheese in this glutamic acid form.

  3. Plot. Remy, a young rat with heightened senses of taste and smell, dreams of becoming a chef like his human idol, the late Auguste Gusteau, but the rest of his colony, including his older brother Émile and his father, the clan leader Django, only eat for sustenance and are wary of humans.

  4. Typographical symbols and punctuation marks are marks and symbols used in typography with a variety of purposes such as to help with legibility and accessibility, or to identify special cases. This list gives those most commonly encountered with Latin script. For a far more comprehensive list of symbols and signs, see List of Unicode characters.

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    The number π ( / paɪ /; spelled out as " pi ") is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle 's circumference to its diameter, approximately equal to 3.14159. The number π appears in many formulae across mathematics and physics.

  6. Japanese (日本語, Nihongo, [ɲihoŋɡo] ⓘ) is the principal language of the Japonic language family spoken by the Japanese people. It has around 120 million speakers, primarily in Japan, the only country where it is the national language, and within the Japanese diaspora worldwide.

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    Germany, [e] officially the Federal Republic of Germany ( FRG ), [f] is a country in Central Europe. It lies between the Baltic and North Sea to the north and the Alps to the south. Its 16 constituent states have a total population of over 84 million in an area of 357,600 km 2 (138,100 sq mi), making it the most populous member state of the European Union. It borders Denmark to the north ...