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  1. 2019年3月5日 · He’s a Korean-American. Born Ben Yang on January 27, 1973, he’s 46 years old. He was born in Los Angeles, California, and is of Korean descent. Yang’s parents are Korean immigrants who settled in L.A. His mother owned a jean factory in L.A. and was famous in the garment business.

    • Male
    • Los Angeles, California
    • American
    • 1973/01/27
  2. 2020年6月30日 · Gabriele Bertaccini’s Food Journey Began in His Florentine Family. Gabriele Bertaccini was born on December 18, 1985 in a food-loving Italian family. Born and raised in Florence, Italy, Gabe Bertaccini currently splits his time between his home country, Arizona, California, New York, and London. He has at least one sister based in Arizona, too.

    • Male
    • Chef, Restaurateur
    • American, Italian
    • 1985/12/18
  3. 2020年10月15日 · The Norwegian-American businessman is best known for building his fishing empire from the ground up. It all started with his parents’ connections in the fishing business. He got a job as a deckhand on a boat and earned his U.S. citizenship. Recalling his initial journey, he said: “I became captain after a year.

    • Male
    • Elisabeth Bodal, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas
    • Oslo, Norway
    • 1953/06/14
  4. 2020年3月12日 · Anisa Jomha’s Has a Mixed Heritage. Anisa Jomha was born on June 25, 1993 and is from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. She has at least one sister, Iman, and one brother, Muhammad. Anisa and her siblings inherited a rich ancestry from their parents. Her mother, Maureen, is Irish Catholic and her father is a Lebanese Muslim.

  5. 2020年7月8日 · Jai Courtney dated fellow Aussie Gemma Pranita, an actress, for six years before they broke up in 2013. He was rumored to be dating his Terminator co-star and the Mother of Dragons, Emilia Clarke, briefly in 2015. Courtney ended speculation about his dating life when he made his relationship with Mecki Dent red carpet official at the 2016 ...

  6. 2016年2月23日 · According to a statement released on his official web site, James was recently hospitalized at Alive Hospice in Nashville, Tennessee, passing away there from natural causes and in the presence of his friends and family. Plans for his funeral and will, which will likely disperse Sonny James net worth of $4.0 million among his family, have yet to ...

  7. 2020年6月5日 · Oliver Saunders was born on February 22, 1991 in New York City to Garcelle Beauvais and her first husband, Daniel Saunders. Oliver and his siblings have Beauvais’ Haitian and Jamaican heritage. The actress met Daniel Saunders, a producer, when she was a young model in New York. Garcelle and Daniel married after a whirlwind romance of two months.

  8. 2019年12月27日 · Kelsey Evelyn Cook was born on April 10, 1989, to Chris Cook and Kathy Brainard. Her parents raised her and her three siblings in Spokane, Washington, where Chris Cooke is pretty well-known in local art circles. Salem-born Chris Cook moved to Spokane when he was a teen. A slam poet, he hosted a Baby Bar’s Broken Mic night and Auntie’s ...

  9. 2020年2月14日 · NHL pro-turned-hockey analyst Jeremy Roenick is well-known for courting controversy with his statements. But in December 2019, NBC Sports suspended him for the threesome comments he made about his on-air colleague, Kathryn Tappen, and his wife, Tracy Roenick. With Roenick now revealing that he won’t be returning to NBC Sports, the attention ...

  10. 2022年11月4日 · Her family has been living there since 1995. However, Maćešić’s been living in the United States at least since 2013. She initially resided in Oklahoma and moved to Denver in 2015. Not much is known about Maćešić’s family. From her social media, it appears she has at least two sisters, Maja Maćešić and Dragana Maćešić.

  11. 2018年6月20日 · Steve Cortes is a TV broadcaster, public speaker, and market strategist. A known face in the political world, Steve Cortes was a Trump campaign operative. He is a regular contributor at one of the leading financial news networks, CNBC. Due to his comedic response and youthful personality, he has earned the nickname, “El Capitan.”.

  12. 2021年4月22日 · New Canaan Country Club. April 2021 has been eventful for Barstool Sports so far. Mere days after Dave Portnoy’s sex tape leaked, Page Six reported that the media phenomenon’s CEO, Erika Nardini, has allegedly been caught cheating on her husband. The rumored other guy is Yvain Badan, an international squash champion, and also a married man.

  13. 2021年7月12日 · September 13, 1994 Durango, Colorado. Gender. Male. Parents. Dolph Kuss, Sabina Kuss. Dating. Noemi Ferré. Sepp Kuss became the first American cyclist to win a stage at the Tour de France since 2011 with his stage 15 victory in July 2021. The attention is not only on this rising star of the cycling world, but also on his family and relationships.

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