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  1. 2024澎湖國際海上花火節
  2. 2010年5月2日 · Definition. "People’s organizations (POs), unlike NGOs, are established by and represent sectors of the population like small farmers, artisanal fisherfolk, slum dwellers and others. POs take a wide variety of forms and exist at various levels. - Community-based organizations (CBOs) mobilize and represent local populations and directly ...

  3. = "All products are open-source and sold ready for use, assembly or fabrication". URL = Description "The Fab Lab Network intends ...

  4. 1 Description. 2 Discussion. 2.1 Why Chiang Mai. 3 More information. Description. WAMOTOPIA 2023: From December 16, 2023, to January 1, 2024, Wamians will jointly undertake a profound exploration of the future world, weaving a spectacular emergence, a prototype society of the future in Chiang Mai.

  5. The word "foike" (fɔɪke) means the cinnamon tree in Mapugundun. It's a sacred tree for the Mapuche (people of the Earth). It's a symbol of concordia and peace. It also plays a more social role in conviviality, access to knowledge, and spiritual connection.

  6. 2014年5月25日 · Swarming depends on a few very simple principles: achieve them, and it will succeed, but deny these principles to a swarming force and it will be defeated: 1. Elusiveness, in the form of mobility or concealment. 2. Standoff Firepower, relative to the opposing force. 3.

  7. Bio. “Arran Gare is Associate Professor (Reader) in Philosophy and Cultural Inquiry at Swinburne University, and founder of the Joseph Needham Centre for Complex Processes Research. The focus of his research is transforming culture to create a global ecological civilization. He has published widely on environmental philosophy, process ...

  8. San Pisith is a Buddhist Monk and an Early Stage Researcher at Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance. He has joined the Cosmolocalism project since September 2019 to pursue a Ph.D. at TalTech, Estonia. His Ph.D. thesis focuses on Buddhist Economics, Buddhist Governance, Commons, and Happiness and Public Purpose.

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