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  1. Used with a leather holster or Safariland leg holster. Standard issue as of 1982. [3] Minebea 9mm Machine Pistol. Submachine gun. 9×19mm Parabellum. Japan. Made by Minebea. Introduced in 1999, it is the only domestically produced submachine gun of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.

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    Enhypen. Enhypen ( Korean : 엔하이픈; RR : Enhaipeun; Japanese: エンハイプン; Enhaipun; stylized as ENHYPEN) is a South Korean boy band formed by Belift Lab, a joint venture between CJ ENM and Hybe Corporation, [3] through the 2020 survival competition show I-Land. The group is composed of seven members: Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon ...

    • 2020–present
    • Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, Ni-ki
  3. Shin Ultraman (Japanese: シン・ウルトラマン, Hepburn: Shin Urutoraman) [b] is a 2022 Japanese superhero kaiju film directed by Shinji Higuchi and written, co-produced, and co-edited by Hideaki Anno.A reimagining of Ultraman, [10] the film is a co-production between Toho Studios [a] and Cine Bazar, and presented by Tsuburaya Productions, Toho Co., Ltd., and Khara, Inc. [11] It is the ...

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    ^Languages other than the mother tongue of Maltese ^ Maltese nationals as referred to in the 2011 census ^ Also .eu, shared with other European Union member states ^ Also Maltese Sign Language Malta (/ ˈ m ɒ l t ə / MOL-tə, UK also / ˈ m ɔː l t ə / MAWL-tə, Maltese: ), officially known as the Republic of Malta (Maltese: Repubblika ta' Malta [rɛˈpʊbːlɪkɐ tɐ ˈmɐltɐ]), is an ...

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    Mēxihco is the Nahuatl term for the heartland of the Aztec Empire, namely the Valley of Mexico and surrounding territories, with its people being known as the Mexica.The terms are plainly linked; it is generally believed that the toponym for the valley was the origin of the primary ethnonym for the Aztec Triple Alliance, but it may have been the other way around. [35]

  6. HBO. Original release. June 24, 2012. ( 2012-06-24) –. December 14, 2014. ( 2014-12-14) The Newsroom is an American political drama television series created and principally written by Aaron Sorkin that premiered on HBO on June 24, 2012, and concluded on December 14, 2014, consisting of 25 episodes over three seasons. [1]

  7. The King's Affection (Korean: 연모; RR: Yeonmo; lit. Affection), is a South Korean television series starring Park Eun-bin, Rowoon, Nam Yoon-su, Choi Byung-chan, Bae Yoon-kyung, and Jung Chae-yeon.It aired on KBS2 from October 11 to December 14, 2021, every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30 (KST) for 20 episodes. [4] ...

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