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  1. The Takanami-class destroyer (たかなみ型護衛, Takanami-gata-goei-kan) is a class of destroyer serving with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). This warship is the slightly modified class of second-generation, general-purpose destroyers of the JMSDF. [1] Contents 1 Background 2 Design 3 Equipment 4 Ships in the class 5 See also 6 References

  2. 1 × 5-inch (127 mm) / 25 caliber deck gun [4] Bofors 40 mm and Oerlikon 20 mm cannon. The Balao class was a successful design of United States Navy submarine used during World War II, and with 120 [2] boats completed, the largest class of submarines in the United States Navy. An improvement on the earlier Gato class, the boats had slight ...

  3. The Hatakaze class of guided missile destroyers is a third generation class of vessels in service with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). They were the first of the JMSDF's ships to have gas-turbine propulsion. The core weapon suite is similar to that of the preceding Tachikaze class, but various improvements were made in many areas.

  4. Aircraft carried. 3 × SH-60J (K) anti-submarine helicopters. The Shirane-class destroyers were a pair of Japanese destroyers originally built during the late 1970s. They are built around a large central hangar which houses up to three helicopters and they are the natural successor of the Haruna -class destroyers.

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    The JMSDF started construction of a Hatsuyuki-class destroyer since FY1977. This was the first class of general-purpose destroyers(汎用護衛艦, Hanyou-goei-kan) under the eight ships / eight helicopters concept. In this concept, each flotilla would be composed of one helicopter destroyer (DDH), five general-purpose destroyers (DD), and two guided-missile...

    The hull is an enlarged type of Hatsuyuki class, and the hull form is of the shelter deck style. Also, as the latter batch of the Hatsuyukiclass, the upper structure is made of steel, but since it was incorporated into the design from the beginning, the adverse effect on the movement performance was solved. The engine room was greatly renovated. In...

    The earlier batch was equipped with the OYQ-6 combat direction system (CDS). This system employed one AN/UYK-20 computer as the same as the OYQ-5 tactical data processing system of the Hatsuyuki class, but with expanded memories, it can exchange tactical data via Link-11, which the OYQ-5 does not support. Later, all OYQ-6 systems were upgraded to t...

    Yamagiri and Asagirihave been converted into training vessels. 1. JS Asagiri(DD-151) 2. JS Yamagiri(DD-152) 3. JS Yūgiri(DD-153) 4. JS Amagiri(DD-154) 5. JS Hamagiri(DD-155) 6. JS Setogiri(DD-156) 7. JS Sawagiri(DD-157) 8. JS Umigiri(DD-158) 9. The hangar deck of JS Umigiri(DD-158) 10. JS Asagiri(TV-3516)


    1. Kōda, Yōji (December 2015). "History of Domestic Built Destroyers of JMSDF". Ships of the World (in Japanese). Kaijin-sha (827). NAID 40020655404. 2. Wertheim, Eric (2013). The Naval Institute Guide to Combat Fleets of the World, 16th Edition. Naval Institute Press. ISBN 978-1591149545. 3. Yamazaki, Makoto (October 2011). "Combat systems of modern Japanese destroyers". Ships of the World (in Japanese). Kaijin-sha (748): 98–107. NAID 40018965310.

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  5. K-329 Belgorod (Russian: БС-329 «Белгород») is a modified design of the Oscar II class (NATO designation) Russian nuclear submarine. It was originally laid down in July 1992 as a Project 949A cruise missile submarine (NATO designation Oscar II class), but later was redesigned and the partly built hull was used to be reconfigured as a special operations vessel, able to operate ...

  6. The Tosa-class battleships (土佐型戦艦, Tosa-gata Senkan) [A 1] were two dreadnoughts ordered as part of the "Eight-Eight" fleet for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during the early 1920s. The ships were larger versions of the preceding Nagato class, and carried an additional 41-centimeter (16.1 in) twin-gun turret.

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