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  1. Wang Dan (born February 26, 1969) is a leader of the Chinese democracy movement and was one of the most visible student leaders in the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.

    • 王丹
    • 26 February 1969 (age 54), Beijing, China
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    Wang Dan Wang Dan is the name of: Wang Dan (Song dynasty) (957–1017), Song dynasty grand councilor Wang Dan (dissident) (born 1969), Chinese dissident and student leader in the 1989 Tiananmen Square Protest Wang Dan (speed skater) (born 1983), Chinese speed skater Wang Dan (triathlete) (born 1980), Chinese triathlete

  3. Daniella Wang ( Chinese: 王李丹妮; pinyin: Wánglǐ Dānní; born 6 August 1989), born Wang Lidan ( Chinese: 王李丹; pinyin: Wáng Lǐdān ), is a Chinese actress and fashion model of Mongolian ethnicity. [1] Daniella Wang rose to fame after acting in Hong Kong Category III film Due West: Our Sex Journey. [2]

  4. Wang Dan ( Chinese: 王丹; pinyin: Wáng Dān; born January 17, 1980) is an athlete from the People's Republic of China. She competes in triathlon . Wang competed at the first Olympic triathlon at the 2000 Summer Olympics. She took thirty-second place with a total time of 2:08:49.10. In the 2004 Summer Olympics, her rank diminished. From ...

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    Son of Xi, king of Yan. Hired the assassins to kill Qin Shi Huang. Male Zhào Wáng Jiā 赵王嘉 Dài Wáng Jiā 代王嘉 Zhào 赵 Dài 代 Wáng Yíng 嬴 Jiā 嘉 Last ruler of Zhao. General notes The ancestral name of the Zhou dynasty [Jī; 姬] was gradually used

  6. Örkesh Dölet ( Uyghur: ئۆركەش دۆلەت, Chinese: 吾尔开希·多莱特; commonly known by his pinyin name Wu'erkaixi) is a political commentator known for his leading role during the Tiananmen protests of 1989 . Of Uyghur heritage, he was born in Beijing on 17 February 1968, with ancestral roots in Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang.

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    Wang Luodan ( Chinese: 王珞丹) is a Chinese actress and singer. She rose to fame because with the TV series Struggle (2007). She became increasingly popular after starring in My Youthfulness (2009) and A Story of Lala's Promotion (2010). Wang has also established herself in films Driverless (2010), Caught in the Web (2012) and The Dead End (2015).

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