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    Wang Po-jung (Chinese: 王柏融; born 9 September 1993), nicknamed "The King (Dawang)", is a Taiwanese professional baseball outfielder for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters of Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB). He previously played for the Lamigo Monkeys of the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) from 2015 through 2018.

    • .386
    • 319
    • 86
  2. Ragnar Lodbrok with sons Ivar and Ubba, 15th-century miniature in Harley MS 2278 folio 39r Ragnar Lodbrok ("Ragnar hairy-breeches"),[a] according to legends,[2] was a Viking hero and a Danish and Swedish king.[3] He is known from Old Norse poetry of the Viking Age, Icelandic sagas, and near-contemporary chronicles. According to traditional ...

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    Xu Kai (simplified Chinese: 许凯; traditional Chinese: 許凱; pinyin: Xǔ Kǎi, born 5 March 1995), also known by his English name Kai Xu, is a Chinese actor and model.His most notable roles include the dramas Story of Yanxi Palace (2018), The Legends (2019), Arsenal Military Academy (2019), Falling Into Your Smile (2021), Ancient Love Poetry (2021) and Royal Feast (2022), She and her ...

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    Dylan was born on 20 December 1998 in Leshan, Sichuan, Province of China. He was a 16th-level flight attendant and poster model for admission at Sichuan Southwest College of Civil Aviation, and also became a professional image spokesperson for flight attendants, before debuting in the show business. Even though Dylan Wang never seemed to like the i...

    2016–2017: Beginnings

    In 2016, Dylan won the overall championship at the "Sichuan Campus Red Festival" (四川校园红人盛典), a ceremony sponsored by several universities and colleges, and officially entered the entertainment industry. In June 2017, Dylan participated in the Youku variety show Super Idol hosted by He Jiong, and emerged as the final winner.

    2018–present: Rising popularity

    Dylan rose to fame with his first lead role as Daoming Si in the 2018 television series Meteor Garden, the remake of popular Taiwanese drama series Meteor Garden and based on the Japanese shōjo manga series Boys Over Flowers(花より男子, Hana Yori Dango) written by Yoko Kamio. Dylan appeared in Harper's Bazaar China with his Meteor Garden co-stars Darren Chen, Caesar Wu and Connor Leong in the November issue.[citation needed] In 2018, it was announced that Dylan is one of the guests in a variety sh...

    In November 2018, Dylan appeared as the youth ambassador at Le Tour De France Skoda Shanghai Criterium at China Arts Museumsouth square. In September 2019, Dylan participated in the Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Game hosted at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center.Dylan was part of the red team who won the game at 56–45 points.

    Dylan Wang on Sina Weibo (in Chinese)
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    After attending Kanagawa University for four years, Ito first became a Special Designated Player for Ventforet Kofu, and then obtained a new contract with the J1 Leagueside. His first season as a professional player attracted attention from Kashiwa Reysol. The Chiba club signed him in January 2016. On 31 January 2019, Junya Ito moved from Kashiwa R...


    1. As of match played 17 November 2022


    1. As of match played 5 December 2022 1. Scores and results list Japan's goal tally first, score column indicates score after each Ito goal.

    Genk 1. Belgian First Division: 2018–19 2. Belgian Cup: 2020–21 3. Belgian Super Cup: 2019 Individual 1. Japan Pro-Footballers Association awards: Best XI (2022)

    Junya Ito at J.League (archive) (in Japanese)
  5. Ayakashi Triangle (Japanese: あやかしトライアングル, Hepburn: Ayakashi Toraianguru) sometimes abbreviated as AyaTri, (あやトラ, Ayatora)[4][5] is a Japanese fantasy, romantic comedy manga series written and illustrated by Kentaro Yabuki. It was serialized in publisher Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from June 2020 to ...

  6. Revised Romanization. Baekho. The White Tiger ( Chinese: 白虎, Pinyin: Báihǔ ), known in Chinese as Baihu, is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. It is sometimes called the White Tiger of the West ( 西方白虎; Xīfāng Báihǔ ). It represents the west in terms of direction and the autumn season.