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  1. The international student exchange program at Tokyo Women's Medical University (TWMU) was initiated through a partnership agreement with Cardiff University (UK) in 1997. TWMU became the first among the private medical universities in Japan to encourage and accredit study abroad programs. Since then, TWMU School of Medicine has partnered with 12 ...

  2. School of Medicine - Tokyo Women's Medical University. 03-3353-8111. 〒162-8666 8-1, Kawada-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

  3. Tokyo Women’s Medical University Hospital (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) The TWMU’s foundational philosophy is “Sincerity and Compassion.” “Utmost sincerity” and “warm-heartedness (compassion)” are required in all settings including education, research, and clinical practice. Our medical centers, too, are operated in accordance with this ...

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  5. Tokyo Women’s Medical University has developed from Tokyo Women’s Medical School and has produced many female physicians who have contributed to our society. Tokyo Women’s Medical University School of Medicine was established in 1950. Tokyo Women’s Medical College was established in 1952.Then, in 1998, the School of Nursing was added.

  6. TWMU is a medical university with over one hundred years of history which now has a modern and sophisticated educational, clinical and research environments. Traditionally all of our undergraduate schools are devoted to develop women’s professionalism. Our graduate schools, faculties and hospitals are open to both genders.

  7. 教室・科目一覧 東京女子医科大学TOP > 教室・科目一覧 医学部 教室・科目一覧 看護学部 領域一覧 医学研究科 専攻・分野一覧 看護学研究科 領域一覧 医学部「教室・科目一覧」 基礎医学系 解剖学(神経分子形態学分野) 解剖学(顕微解剖学・形態形成学分野) 生理学(神経生理学分野) 生理学(分子細胞生理学分野) 生化学 薬理学 病理学(人体病理学・病態神経科学分野) 微生物学免疫学 衛生学公衆衛生学(環境・産業医学分野) 衛生学公衆衛生学(公衆衛生学分野) 法医学 統合教育学修センター 医学部基礎教育学 医学部基礎科学 関連施設 足立医療センター 八千代医療センター 成人医学センター 東洋医学研究所 保健管理センター 学生健康管理室 先端生命医科学研究所 総合医科学研究所 実験動物研究所

  8. TWMU was founded in 1900 as Tokyo Women’s Medical School by YOSHIOKA Yayoi, the 27th licensed female doctor of medicine in Japan. The university guiding principle established in 1952 is founded on Yoshioka’s core values and academic philosophy: “to nurture female medical professionals who can contribute to the society and refine their ...

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