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  1. Calvin Klein - Wikipedia › wiki › Calvin_Klein

    Calvin Richard Klein (born November 19, 1942) is an American fashion designer who launched the company that would later become Calvin Klein Inc., in 1968. In addition to clothing, he also has given his name to a range of perfumes, watches, and ...

  2. DKNY - Wikipedia › wiki › DKNY
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    Karan worked for 15 years at Anne Klein, including 10 as its head designer. In 1984 Karan and her late husband Stephan Weiss were offered the opportunity to start their own business by the owner of Anne Klein, Takihyo LLC. The company became a publicly traded venture in 1996.[citation needed] In 2001 it was purchased by the French conglomerate corporation LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy). In 2015 Donna Karan left as chief designer at Donna Karan International, to focus on her Urban Zen brand and Urban Zen Foundation philanthropy. LVMH sold Donna Karan International, with the 'Donna Karan' and 'DKNY' brands, to the G-III Apparel Group in 2016 for $650 million. G-III, based in New York City, is a manufacturer and distributor of clothing and accessories under their owned brands, licensed brands, and private label brands.

    Donna Karan's mainline label Donna Karan New York, also referred as Donna Karan Collection, debuted for fall 1985 with the women's collection Seven Easy Pieces, "where a handful of interchangeable items work together to create an entire wardrobe that goes from day to evening, week day to weekend, season to season".In July 1991 she launched her first menswear collection. The "New York" part on the label is there to set "the pace, the attitude" of the fashion house's offering.

    Inspired by her daughter Gaby, Donna Karan founded DKNY in 1989 as a younger, more affordable diffusion line to run alongside her existing Donna Karan New York label.Many labels and brands have branched off of the original DKNY brand/label including DKNY Jeans, DKNY Active, DKNY Underwear, DKNY Juniors, DKNY Kids, DKNY Pure. DKNY Men, launched in 1992, consists of tailored suits, dress wear, formalwear, casual wear, sportswear, and shoes. The Donna Karan Beauty collection, which specializes in fragrances, was launched in 1992. In 2001, the Donna Karan Home collection, which includes traditional luxury bedding and accessories, and DKNY Home, which has more contemporary and fashion-forward bedding, were introduced.[citation needed] Cara Delevingne was the face of DKNY for multiple seasons in the mid 2010s. By 2017, Emily Ratajkowskihad become the DKNY face.

    Stores opened in London in 1997 and New York City in 1999. The DKNY headquarters is located at 550 Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, New York. There are currently seventy Donna Karan collection and DKNY stores globally, including twenty stores in China including Hong Kong and Shanghai, two stores in Canada including Vancouver, B.C. and Montreal, four in Dubai and also two stores in Doha. DKNY has also opened some stores in Denmark. New shop in Athens Greece [ 30 September 2019 ].[citation needed] Since 2005, Donna Karan has offered online shopping of its DKNY and associated lines at the label's web site. Products range from DKNY and DKNY Jeans womenswear, accessories, underwear, shoes, baby clothing, the PURE collection to DKNY menswear. The latter was available up until the spring 2002 season. Since then only the DKNY Jeans label, underwear, eyewear and watcheshave been offered online for men.

    In 2013 DKNY became embroiled in controversy over street photography it admitted it used in one of its stores, without permission, from the New York City street photographer, Brandon Stanton, the creator of Humans of New York (HONY). After Stanton learned of the use of his photography, he publicly asked DKNY to donate $100,000 to the YMCAto help with summer programs. Amidst strong criticism on social media sites, DKNY apologized and donated $25,000 to the YMCA. Stanton then asked his followers on the HONY Facebook page to make up the difference to reach his initial goal of $100,000, which was reached on March 1, 2013. In July 2016 French luxury giant LVMH, which has owned Karan’s company since 2001, even though she stayed on to run the brands — shelved her flagship line Donna Karan International shortly after she left in June 2015 and said it would “substantially increase its focus” on her DKNY brand, which revolutionized women’s fashion in the ’80s with Karan’s “Seven Easy Pieces”...

    Media related to DKNYat Wikimedia Commons 1. Official website 2. Original Donna Karan website Coordinates: 40°45′16″N 73°59′18″W / 40.75443°N 73.98845°W / 40.75443; -73.98845

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  3. Homosexuality - Wikipedia › wiki › Homosexuality

    Some scholars argue that the term "homosexuality" is problematic when applied to ancient cultures since, for example, neither Greeks or Romans possessed any one word covering the same semantic range as the modern concept of ...

  4. Armani - Wikipedia › wiki › Armani
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    Armani and his partner, architect Sergio Galeotti, founded Giorgio Armani SpA in 1975, reportedly on money from the sale of Armani's Volkswagen. The company signed a license with Gruppo Finanziario Tessile (GFT) in 1978. It partnered with L'Oreal on a licensing agreement for the production and distribution of fragrances, cosmetics and beauty products (1980) and with Luxottica for eyewear (1988). Armani also entered into a manufacturing and distribution license with Simint in 1991 when the company launched A|X Armani Exchange.By 1993, the Armani name was represented by 23 licensees and two large joint ventures in Japan. By the 1990s, the company’s strategy was to cancel licenses and take production in-house in a bid to exert more control over quality and distribution. Manufacturing arrangements later brought back in-house include the acquisition of Antinea (1990), Simint (1996) and Intai (1998). In 2000, after buying factories from GFT, Armani formed a joint venture with Zegna for th...

    Giorgio Armani

    Giorgio Armani is a high-endlabel specializing in men's and women's ready-to-wear, accessories, glasses, cosmetics, and perfumes. It is available only in Giorgio Armani boutiques, specialty clothiers and select high-end department stores. The logo is a curved "G" completing a curved "A", forming a circle. In 2016, the fashion house stopped using animal fur in all of its collections, citing the availability of "valid alternatives at our disposition that render the use of cruel practices unnece...

    Emporio Armani

    Emporio Armani is the second brand of Armani family, features ready-to-wear and runway collections.Emporio Armani focuses on trends and modern traits. Also, Emporio Armani along with Giorgio Armani are the only two ready-to-wear brands that are mainly designed by Giorgio Armani himself, and has a spotlight at Milan Fashion Weekevery year while Armani Collezioni, Armani Jeans, and Armani Exchange do not. Emporio Armani is usually only sold in freestanding Emporio Armani boutiques and its offic...

    Armani Collezioni

    Armani Collezioni (formerly Giorgio Armani Le Collezioni) was the diffusion line of Giorgio Armani that retails at a lower price than Giorgio Armani and the haute couture line, Armani Privé. The logo was usually displayed black written on a white label, but often varies. "Armani" being larger and "Collezioni" underneath it. It has provided made-to-measure tailored suits and shirts where every element can be chosen. In addition to being sold in the two freestanding boutiques (which feature the...

    In 2015, Armani opened Armani/Silos, an exhibition space in Milan which has in the past which staged solo exhibitions of Larry Fink (2017), Sarah Moon (2018), Paolo Ventura (2018), Tadao Ando (2019) and Peter Lindbergh(2020). Armani Beauty has been a major supporter of the Venice Film Festivalsince 2018 and was the event's main sponsor in 2019. Also in 2019, A|X Armani Exchange became the first fashion brand to debut in the world of e-sports— professional multiplayer video game competitions — when it sponsored the Italian team Mkers for the 2019-20 season. Among others, Armani designed suits for Italy's delegations to the 2009 FINA World Aquatics Championships and the 2012 Summer Olympics as well as for the country's national football team at the UEFA Euro 2020. Since 2021, the company has been a sponsor of the Scuderia Ferrari, supplying formal attire and travel wear to the Ferrari team’s management, drivers and technicians to be worn at official events and during transfers linked...

    In 1999, the New York Times and others raised concerns about a generous donation made by Giorgio Armani SpA to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museumin New York shortly before the museum announced that it would pay homage to Armani himself with a major retrospective of his work. In a 2014 report, Greenpeace publicly criticized Armani and other luxury brands after having found traces of chemicals that can pollute waterways in children’s clothing and shoes; in response, the company committed to abolish all chemicals which could cause environmental damage to production sites by 2020.Also in 2014, Giorgio Armani SpA paid 270 million euros to Italian tax authorities to settle a dispute over payments from the group’s subsidiaries abroad. In 2015, Giorgio Armani Corp’s former general counsel Fabio Silva filed a $75 million lawsuit in the New York Supreme Courtagainst the company, accusing it of discriminating against him because of his Mexican origins and firing him for having cancer.

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  5. Pierre Balmain - Wikipedia › wiki › Pierre_Balmain
    • Early Life
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    Balmain's father, who died when the future designer was seven years old, was the owner of a wholesale drapery business. His mother Françoise ran a fashion boutique called Galeries Parisiennes with her sisters. He went to school at Chambéry and, during weekends with his uncle in the spa town of Aix-les-Bains, his interest in couture fashion was inspired by society women he met. Balmain began studying architecture at the École des Beaux-Arts in 1933, also undertaking freelance work drawing for the designer Robert Piguet.

    After visiting the studio of Edward Molyneux in 1934, he was offered a job, leaving his studies and working for the designer for the succeeding five years. He joined Lucien Lelong during World War II – where he met the young designer Christian Dior.

    Pierre Balmain died at the age of 68 of liver cancer at the American Hospital of Paris, having just completed the sketches for his fall collection.

    The fashion house of Balmain opened in 1945. Initially it showcased long bell-shaped skirts with small waists – a post-war style that was popularised in 1947 as Dior's New Look. The first collection was showcased in Vogue in the November issue and the reviewer's reaction was that Balmain delivered: "beautiful clothes that you really want to wear". A positive write-up in the magazine from Balmain's friend Gertrude Stein helped to seal the designer's success – early celebrity fans included the Duchess of Windsorwho ordered from the collection. Balmain was active in promoting himself internationally from the early days – touring Australia in 1947 and designing a line to be produced in the country. He expanded operations to the United States in 1951, selling ready-to-wear clothes that earned him a prestigious Neiman Marcus Fashion Award in 1955. He was, by this stage, designing clothes worn by Vojislav Stanimirovic and stars, such as Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn. Such was Balm...

    Pierre Balmain at FMD
    Pierre Balmain at the Internet Broadway Database
  6. Gore-Tex - Wikipedia › wiki › Gore-Tex
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    Gore-Tex was co-invented by Wilbert L. Gore and Gore's son, Robert W. Gore. In 1969, Bob Gore stretched heated rods of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and created expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). His discovery of the right conditions for stretching PTFE was a happy accident, born partly of frustration. Instead of slowly stretching the heated material, he applied a sudden, accelerating yank. The solid PTFE unexpectedly stretched about 800%, forming a microporous structure that was about 70% air.It was introduced to the public under the trademark Gore-Tex. Gore promptly applied for and obtained the following patents: 1. U.S. Patent 3,953,566, issued April 27, 1976, for a porous form of polytetrafluoroethylene with a micro-structure characterized by nodes interconnected by fibrils 2. U.S. Patent 4,187,390, issued February 5, 1980 3. U.S. Patent 4,194,041on March 18, 1980 for a "waterproof laminate", together with Samuel Allen Another form of stretched PTFE tape was produced pri...

    PTFE is made using an emulsion polymerization process that utilizes the fluorosurfactant PFOA, a persistent environmental contaminant. In 2013, Gore eliminated the use of PFOAs in the manufacture of its weatherproof functional fabrics.[better source needed]

    Gore-Tex materials are typically based on thermo-mechanically expanded PTFE and other fluoropolymer products. They are used in a wide variety of applications such as high-performance fabrics, medical implants, filter media, insulation for wires and cables, gaskets, and sealants. However, Gore-Tex fabric is best known for its use in protective, yet breathable, rainwear. The simplest sort of rain wear is a two layer sandwich. The outer layer is typically woven nylon or polyester and provides strength. The inner one is polyurethane(abbreviated: PU), and provides water resistance, at the cost of breathability. Early Gore-Tex fabric replaced the inner layer of PU with a thin, porous fluoropolymer membrane (Teflon) coating that is bonded to a fabric. This membrane had about 9 billion pores per square inch (around 1.4 billion pores per square centimeter). Each pore is approximately 1⁄20,000the size of a water droplet, making it impenetrable to liquid water while still allowing the more vol...

    Expanded polytetrafluoroethylene is used in clothing due to its breathability and water protection capabilities. It is used in rain jackets, and ePTFE can now be found in space suits and heart patches.

    Gore-Tex is also used internally in medical applications, because it is nearly inert inside the body. Specifically, expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (E-PTFE) can take the form of a fabric-like mesh. Implementing and applying the mesh form in the medical field is a promising type of technological material feature. In addition, the porosity of Gore-Tex permits the body's own tissue to grow through the material, integrating grafted material into the circulation system. Gore-Tex is used in a wide variety of medical applications, including sutures, vascular grafts, heart patches, and synthetic knee ligaments, which have saved thousands of lives. In the form of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (E-PTFE), Gore-Tex has been shown to be a reliable synthetic, medical material in treating patients with nasal dorsal interruptions. In more recent observations, expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (E-PTFE) has recently been used as membrane implants for glaucoma surgery. Gore-Tex has been used for man...

  7. GFriend - Wikipedia › wiki › GFriend
    • History
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    • Awards and Nominations

    2015: Debut with Season of Glass, Flower Bud and rise in popularity

    On January 15, 2015, GFriend released their five-track debut EP Season of Glass. The lead single "Glass Bead" was composed by Seo Yong-bae and Iggy. The album debuted at number twelve on Gaon's weekly chart. The group started promotions for their album on January 16 on KBS's music program Music Bank. According to YouTube, the M/V of "Glass Bead" ranked number nine in top ten "Most Viewed K-Pop Videos Around the World in January 2015". On January 28, 2015, Billboardnamed GFriend as one of "Top...

    2016: Snowflake, first music show wins, Showtime and LOL

    On January 25, 2016, GFriend released their third EP titled Snowflake with the lead single "Rough". "Rough" is the last song to complete GFriend's high school concept trilogy along with "Glass Bead" and "Me Gustas Tu". GFriend started the promotions for Snowflake on January 26 on SBS MTV's music program The Show. The album debuted at number ten on Billboard's World Albums Chart, and the music video of "Rough" on YouTuberanked number three in top ten "Most Viewed K-Pop Videos Around the World...

    2017: First fan-meeting, The Awakening, Parallel and Rainbow

    On February 23, Source Music announced that GFriend were set to make a comeback on March 6. On February 27, it was revealed that their fourth EP will be titled The Awakening with the lead single "Fingertip". The Awakening global pre-orders exceeded 100,000 copies, which is higher than their past album LOL at 60,000. Additionally, the album also debuted at No. 5 on Billboard's World Album chart. In April 2017, GFriend held their first fan meeting, titled "Dear Buddy". On August 1, GFriend rele...

    Korean albums

    1. LOL(2016) 2. Time for Us(2019) 3. 回:Walpurgis Night(2020)

    Japanese albums

    1. Fallin' Light(2019)

    In 2019, Shopee Indonesiahired GFriend as their 2019 Global K-Market Ambassador. The group's ambassadorship made a huge contribution to the brand's K-Wave net shares, as the group helped the brand to achieve an eightfold increase to their Korean sales on the platform and to earn first place for Indonesia, and seventh place worldwide, in the Best Brand Category of the 2019 Top Brand Buzz Awards.

    DVDs & Blu-Ray

    1. GFriend - Where R U Going? (2016) 2. 2016 Season's Greetings 3. 2017 Season's Greetings 4. 2018 Season's Greetings 5. 2018 GFRIEND 1st Concert "Season of GFriend" (2018) 6. 2019 Season's Greetings "Be In Full Bloom" 7. 2018 GFRIEND 1st Concert ENCORE "Season of Gfriend" (2019) 8. GFriend 1st Photo Book "여자친구" (2019) 9. 2020 Season's Greetings 10. 2019 GFRIEND ASIA TOUR in Seoul Go Go GFRIEND! (2020) 11. GFriend 2nd Photo Book (CHOICE) (2020) 12. 2021 Season's Greetings

    Headlining concert & tours

    1. GFriend 1st Asia Tour: Season of GFriend (2018) 2. GFriend Spring Tour 2019: Bloom (2019) 3. GFriend 2nd Asia Tour: Go Go GFriend! (2019) 4. GFriend Online Concert: GFriend C:ON (2020)

    Concert participation

    1. Big Hit Entertainment's New Year's Eve Live Concert (2020)


    1. GFriend L.O.L Showcase (2016) 2. GFriend Premium Showcase in Japan (2018)

    GFriend got their first-ever major award for their debut extended play Season of Glass, released in January 2015, as the "Best New Female Artist" at Melon Music Awards on November 7, 2015. The group also won several new artist awards between late 2015 to early 2016, including at the 5th Gaon Chart Music Awards, the 30th Golden Disc Awards and the 25th Seoul Music Awards. The group received their first Grand Prize (Daesang) award at the 2016 Korean PD Awards. Their first music show win was on The Showwith "Rough" on February 2, 2016, after which the group went on to receive a total of 15 music show wins during the song's promotion. During their "Navillera" promotions they got a total of 14 music show wins, making them the girl group with most wins gained within a year with a total of 29 wins. The group's third extended play Snowflake single "Rough" won the group several awards between late 2016 to early 2017, including Song of the Year – January at the 7th Gaon Chart Music Awards. Th...

  8. B.O.Y - Wikipedia › wiki › B
    • Name
    • History
    • Concerts

    The group's name was suggested by netizens through their official fancafe and was chosen by the members.It stands for "Best of You" and "Both of You", referring to the two members of B.O.Y, or the duo and their fans. It was chosen out of over 2,000 suggestions.

    2016–2021: Formation, debut, and disbandment

    Following Yuvin's solo debut in May 2016, Music Works announced that they would debut their first boygroup in 2017. Myteen went under a year of pre-debut promotions through various busking performances and a reality show. Myteen made their debut in July 2017 with the release of their extended play Myteen Go!. In October 2017, Kookheon participated in the survival show Mix Nine and made it into the finale. Myteen released their sophomore extended play F;uzzle in July 2018. The septet made thei...

    Headlining concerts

    1. Dear, You (2019)


    1. The Present (2019) 2. 1st Fanmeeting in Japan (2020)

  9. GLOBALG.A.P - Wikipedia › wiki › GLOBALG

    GLOBALG.A.P. is a farm assurance program, translating consumer requirements into Good Agricultural Practice. EurepGAP is a common standard for farm management practice created in the late 1990s by several European supermarket chains and their ...

  10. CJK Unified Ideographs (Unicode block) - Wikipedia › wiki › CJK_Unified_Ideographs_(Unicode_block)

    CJK Unified Ideographs is a Unicode block containing the most common CJK ideographs used in modern Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese characters. When compared with other blocks containing CJK Unified Ideographs, it is also referred to as ...

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