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  1. 2017年11月30日 · It was fun to watch Bruno Mars’ sisters’ journey, but after eight episodes, The Lylas TV show ended after their mother’s death, to allow the family time to recover. #4. The Lylas Songs You Should’ve Heard. The Lylas were very short-lived in the reality TV world, but the girls really made an effort with music.

  2. 2022年11月28日 · View all 5 comments Add a comment... Earlier this month, HSN announced to DG2 fans that Diane Gilman would leave the home-shopping giant after 28 years to pursue her “personal passions.” She wrapped her last day on the air at HSN on November 27. Advertisement While this is the end of her TV career, it is by no means retirement.

  3. 2022年7月8日 · As Petr Mrázek is traded to the Chicago Blackhawks, the attention is also on his other half. Find out about Petr Mrázek’s girlfriend, Sara Olivova, here. While we haven’t seen her at the Olympics yet, Sara Olivova has continued with volleyball professionally. She represented the Czech Republic on European and world tours while continuing her studies in holistic health and nutrition.

  4. 2017年12月23日 · The main cast of Christmas Getaway involves two actors: Bridget Regan, who plays Emory Blake, and Travis Van Winkle as Scott Hays. Regan is known for her role as Sasha Cooper on TNT’s The Last Ship, and as Rose in The CW’s Jane the Virgin.

  5. 2019年8月29日 · The MythBusters star was attempting to break her own land-speed record with a jet-powered vehicle. Along with her family, her boyfriend, Terry Madden, is also grieving her tragic death. Madden was one of the first few to break the news of Combs’ death. Here’s what he said and more about him in Terry Madden’s wiki.

  6. 2020年4月30日 · Isaiah K. John has impressed us with his acting prowess in some popular titles. And now he’s building his resume even more with the Netflix original, All Day and a Night.The talented young actor joins an incredible cast that includes Ashton Sanders of Moonlight, the award-winning Jeffrey Wright, and DC villain Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

  7. 2023年4月19日 · Advertisement. While engaged and planning a wedding, Rachelle Spence was working for the Detroit Zoological Society at Royal Oak as a communications manager. And in March 2022, she married her fiancé. After returning from her honeymoon, CBS News Detroit announced the new additions to their on-air lineup in July 2022.

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