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    看看女神郭婞淳,如何建立英文口說的自信!TutorABC全英文學習環境,學好英文so easy!

  1. 英語短篇文章賞析. 英語短文寫作是運用語言的尖端高階表達方式,英語短文表達地道流暢、正確透徹地表達觀點。. 下面是小編帶來的,歡迎閱讀! 1. Things My 25-Year-Old Self Would Like to Tell Me on My 50th Birthday**. 25歲的我寫給50歲的我. Don't try so hard to be respectable. Speak from ...

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    Embark on a New Beginning It is the road you take that decides your destiny but not your destiny that decides the road you take. The question is: Are you satisfied with who you are? Are you doing what you are capable of doing? Do you get excited about what you are going to do when you get up in the morning? It is hightime you asked these questions ...

    However hard the situation is, we shouldn't lose our heart, because we have our dreams. Our dreams are always glorious. We also have enthusiasm that will make our dreams come true. But wemust have the willingness to work hard, since if we work hard, some miracles will happen. Nothing good will happen without our hard work. 不管情況多麼艱難,我們都不應該迷失自己,因為我們還...

    Life is difficult. 生活是艱辛的。 It is a great truth because once we truly understand and accept it, Then life is no longer difficult. 一旦我們懂得並接受生活,生活便不再艱難。這是偉大的真理。 Most do not fully see this truth. Instead they complain about their problem and difficulties as if life should be easy. It seems to them that difficulties represent a special kind ofsuffering ...

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    英文短篇文章 Cat and Mouse in Partnership A cat and a mouse decide to keep house together. In times of need they bought a pot of fat and put it in the church . (only a while down the road) where it would be safe. After a little while the cat yearned for the fat

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  3. 文章欣賞, 生活對話, 英文小知識, 英文趣味小故事 By admin 2013-08-16. I——inject投入 L——loyal忠诚 O——observant用心 V——valiant勇敢 E——e…. 形容人的外貌. 實用詞語, 文章欣賞, 生活對話, 英文小知識, 英文趣味小故事 By admin 2013-08-16.

    • 雖然英文閱讀網是一個簡體網站,但內容十分多元豐富,有新聞、小說、笑話、散文、演講、娛樂、故事、科普等等。
    • English Club English Reading。這個網站收錄許多短篇故事,適合剛開始想嘗試英文閱讀的你。除了短篇故事外,還有經典故事閱讀,收錄英文經典名作,例如聖經或是莎士比亞等,並依單字量和難易度分成三個等級,可以視自己的程度選擇適合的文章,每篇文章都有英文單字的定義和解釋。
    • The English Server Fiction Collection。這個網站主要收錄世界各地的小說,有長篇也有短篇,並且也收錄了小說的評論、和小說相關的期刊雜誌、以及作家的傳記,適合英語閱讀程度較佳和喜愛閱讀小說的你。
    • Sparknotes。是一個廣受美國學生歡迎的文學網站,收錄海量並且品質優良的文章,並且附有作家簡介、角色介紹、寫作特色、人物分析等等。但這個網站可不是只有文學方面的文章,點選SPARKLIFE這個類別,裡面有大量生活化的文章,包含名人八卦、美妝時尚、兩性關係,以及各種和我們生活有關的有趣文章,是非常實用的網站喔 !
  4. 中英對照 – 生鮮蔬菜真的比冷凍蔬菜來的營養嗎?. 前言 相信大家都會有一種觀念,就是生鮮的蔬菜或肉類,絕對比冷凍的更有營養,但 BBC 有一. 中英對照 英文閱讀. 中英對照 – 布拉格旅遊指南!. 一起享受千塔之城的浪漫!. 前言 布拉格,是捷克的首都 ...

  5. Neatorama presents the Top 10 Neat Facts About Google: 趣聞部落格將為你列出十個Google鮮為人知的歷史趣事:. 1. Before Google, There Was BackRub. In 1996, graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin worked on a research project to understand the link structure of the World Wide Web.

  1. 短篇英文文章欣賞 相關
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    看看女神郭婞淳,如何建立英文口說的自信!TutorABC全英文學習環境,學好英文so easy!

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