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  1. 水庫名稱
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    The dam was proposed in the 1970s during a period of severe drought in northern Taiwan. The reservoir site was located on the Beishi River, which joins with the Nanshi River to form the Xindian Riverwhich flows through New Taipei City. A dam built here would hold back water during the wet season, when the flow in Nanshi River alone is enough to meet water demands, and release water to augment supplies as needed during the dry season. This dam site was considered favorable because of good soil and forest conditions of the upstream watershed; at the time human development consisted mainly of tea plantations. The quality was much better than the watershed behind Shihmen Dam, the other major water source for greater Taipei, which has suffered crippling sediment issues due to deforestation.In order to preserve the watershed, the Taiwan government evicted many residents in upstream areas. Although the Dam is located in New Taipei, construction was funded by Taipei City, in order to provid...

    Feicui Dam is the largest concrete dam in Taiwan. The dam is a three-centered double curvature arch, 122.5 metres (402 ft) tall, 510 metres (1,670 ft) long, and consisting of 703,675 cubic metres (920,372 cu yd) of material. The dam crest has an elevation of 172.5 metres (566 ft) above sea level. A forebay dam 33 metres (108 ft) high is located immediately downstream, to reduce erosion from floodwater releases. Located in a seismically active zone, Feitsui Dam is designed to withstand a magnitude 7.0 earthquake.[citation needed] The Feicui Reservoir has a water storage capacity of 460 million cubic meters (370,000 acre feet) and an active capacity of 335.5 million cubic meters (272,000 acre feet). The reservoir is operated for water supply, with flood control and hydro power generation as secondary purposes. The main purchasers of water are Taipei Water Department and Taiwan Water Corporation. After the Zengwun Reservoir, Feicui is the second biggest lake in Taiwan. Hydroelectricity...

    The dam and reservoir are noted for the lack of public access, in order to protect the quality of the drinking water. With the exception of maintenance workers and Taipei City officials, visitation to the dam itself requires a special appointment and must be accompanied by a certified guide. In 2014, a total of 15,798 people toured Feitsui dam compared to 1.7 million people who visited the Shihmen Dam. There are also few, if any designated access and view points on the 15 km (9.3 mi) long Feicui Reservoir. The closest major road is Provincial Highway 9.

    • 122.5 m (402 ft)
    • June 1987
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