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  1. iLEO. First Bank creates a new digital financial brand, iLEO, for targeting the digital native generation under the age of 35 who has characteristics of hating complexity, faster the better, and poor financial management. Our goal is to become the most intelligent digital bank in the financial market , and achieve the core values of "simple, fast, ...

  2. 第一銀行 (C) 2014 First Commercial Bank. All rights reserved | 24小時銀行客服專線 (02) 2181-1111

  3. Welcome to "Customer Service Area". We provide FAQ list and Application forms for you to use e-Banking more easily. FAQ. Financial XML. Participating Units. Forms Download.

  4. Mobile banking of First Commercial Bank London branch and Brisbane branch has launched on July 20, 2022. 2022-07-20 00:00:00. From now on, the process of “NTD transfer transaction of non-designated account” and “cardless withdrawal transaction” on online banking have been modified. 2022-02-23 00:00:00. From March 17, 2022, our iBank, e ...

  5. 一銀百年來與台灣社會、經濟一起成長、茁壯,一貫秉持「顧客至上,服務第一」的經營理念,爲客戶的財富與託付創造更多的價值。 期許能成為活躍亞洲的區域型銀行;予客戶最滿意之金融服務,予股東最豐碩且穩健之獲利,予員工最佳的生涯發展空間。

  6. 第一商業銀行股份有限公司 First Commercial Bank 版權所有 建議瀏覽版本:IE11或Chrome/Edge 42或Safari 10以上版本等,解析度1366x768為佳。 網路安全 資料保密措施 Cookie政策及條款 客服專線

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