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  1. The Golden Melody Awards ( simplified Chinese: 金曲奖; traditional Chinese: 金曲獎; pinyin: Jīnqǔ Jiǎng ), commonly abbreviated as GMA, is an honor awarded by Taiwan's Ministry of Culture to recognize outstanding achievement in the Mandarin, Taiwanese Hokkien, Hakka, and Formosan-languages popular and traditional music industry.

    • Outstanding achievements in the music industry
    • Taiwan
  2. Recipients Ten-time nominee Tanya Chua holds the most wins in this category with four awards Fourteen-time nominee received the most nominations in this category, including three-time award winner A-Mei Seven-time nominee, including two-time award winner Karen Mok Four-time nominee, including two-time award winner Sandy Lam Six-time nominee, including one-time award winner Stefanie Sun Five ...

    • 1991
    • A-Lin for LINK (2023)
  3. In the artistic and traditional music categories, there will be separate awards for Best Folk Drama Album, Best Ethnic Music Album, and Best Traditional Music Album in order to clarify the different target segments.

  4. The Golden Melody Awards ( Chinese: 金曲獎; pinyin: Jīn Qǔ Jiǎng) are presented annually by the Government Information Office of Republic of China (Taiwan). It recognises achievement in music production and is Taiwan's equivalent to the Grammy Awards. Since his debut in 2000, he has received 15 awards from 49 nominations. Year.

  5. 5th Global Chinese Music Awards - Top 25 Songs for 'Stubbornness' 《倔強》 MusicRadio Top - Song of the Year for 'Stubbornness' Taiwan Association of Music Workers - Top Ten Albums of the Year

  6. List of awards and nominations received by Show Lo. This is a list of awards and nominations received by Taiwanese actor and singer Show Lo .

  7. Jolin Tsai won a Golden Melody Award for Song of the Year. Winners are highlighted in boldface. [2] [3] Vocal category – Record label awards Song of the Year "The Great Artist" (from Muse) – Jolin Tsai "Retrospection" (from Eternity, Promise) – Kay Huang "Wordless Song" (from Gaia) – Sandy Lam "Coastline" (from Coastline) – Yonlon Chen

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