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  1. 2022年9月10日 · D Tier. Propping up the bottom of the tier list is Kite, because everything this balaclava-wearing Brit offers is underwhelming. In fact, his best perk is the ability to climb higher walls, which ...

  2. 2023年1月23日 · However, as there’s so much choice on arguably the best VR headset, navigating the store to find the best Oculus Quest 2 games can be a bit of a chore.It helps to have a rough idea of what you ...

  3. FIFA 23 TOTY squad, release date, and nominees. Highlights. Best PC games. Genshin Impact tier list. Best free PC games. Zombie games. Best gaming headset. Minecraft seeds. Best VPN.

  4. › grand-theft-auto-v › the-best-grand-theftThe best GTA 5 mods | PCGamesN

    2020年11月17日 · R*enhancer Photorealism. GTA IV’s champion mod was Icenhancer, a graphical mod that made Liberty City look genuinely real. If you’re looking for a similar effect in GTA V, R*enhancer ...

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    The Genshin Impact 2.0 update introduced Ayaka, the Cryo Sword user to the game. A lot of people had high expectations from this character, and it’s fair to say she has met them. While she doesn’t have the highest damage output in the game, Ayaka can be built in a DPS role, but she can also fulfil the sub-DPS role if necessary.


    The first Inazuma character to join the game, Kazuha has impressed the Genshin Impact community with his incredible versatility. Using the best Kazuha build, this Anemo Sword character can deal large amounts of damage on his own. If you can put him into a team composition that utilises elemental reactions, the amount of damage you can build up is truly staggering.


    After the 1.3 update, Zhongli is finally worthy of his five-star rating. The buffs to both Geo abilities and the Geo elemental resonance have drastically increased Zhongli’s damage output. Not only is Zhongli capable of dealing damage on par with S-tier characters, his Jade Shield ability is highly effective, allowing him to play in a DPS and support hybrid role. Give our Genshin Impact Zhongli builda look to see how much better he is now.


    As the only Anemo character focused purely on DPS, Xiao does a great job of attacking multiple enemies at once with his plunging attacks. He can easily trigger the elemental reaction Swirl with a host of characters, allowing Xiao to slot in with most of the roster. Check out our Genshin Impact Xiao buildto see how to get the most out of his elemental skills.


    Unlike other Geo characters in Genshin Impact, Albedocan continuously trigger highly damaging Geo-infused elemental reactions. His elemental abilities create Geo explosions with a large area of effect, and Albedo’s elemental skill has an exceptionally short cooldown time of only four seconds.


    This bombing expert is blessed with a high base attack, extra ascension Pyro damage, and a Catalyst. As a result, she’s very easy to build for maximum Pyro damage. Check out our Genshin Impact Klee buildto find out how. Klee’s main downside is that finding the right range between her and her enemies can be tricky.


    If you don’t have a 5-star main DPS yet, Razoris your next best option. Armed with a Claymore and high attack power, he is one of Genshin Impact’s best melee fighters. His elemental abilities enhance his melee attacks, but are less useful when creating elemental reactions.


    Compared to the four-star characters, Yanfei has the joint third-highest base attack (tied with Rosaria). Pyro characters usually end up being strong due to elemental reactions, and Yanfei is no exception to this. Our Genshin Impact Yanfei buildgoes into detail about what artifacts and weapons you should equip to get the best out of this ace attorney.


    Whether you want to build Rosaria as your main source of damage or as support for your stronger characters, this Cyro-based four-star character excels in several areas. Though Rosaria’s damage output may not match the very best characters, her abilities are incredibly versatile allowing her to slot into a variety of teams. Find out exactly how to create the best Genshin Impact Rosaria buildhere.


    Sayu is an Anemo and claymore user who has the ability to deal damage and also heal party members. As is the case with most four star characters, Sayu struggles to stand out against characters like Ganyu or Diona who are the best in their class. That being said, if you did unlock Sayu and you want to use her, there are certainly team compositions where she could perform very well in. Read our Sayu buildguide to see our support and DPS builds for this squirrel warrior.


    Xingqiu’s Sword attacks are just average, and his elemental cooldowns are very long. He is not the most suitable Hydro to apply the wet condition to large enemy hordes. But on the plus side: Xingqiu’s passive skill will heal the current character, which can be very useful in the right team.


    Pyro Xinyan has the highest base attack of all four-star characters. However, she also has the misfortune of being equipped with the same weapon and elemental type as the beloved Diluc. Although she is by no means a bad character, she easily gets overshadowed by better Claymore and Pyro characters.


    Noelle is an extremely defensive Geo Claymore character. She is most useful for early-game players thanks to her shield and healing ability. While her healing ability is weak, it can do the job in absence of a better healer.


    This librarian’s AoE Electro powers are great for starting players. She has a higher base attack than the other three starting characters, she has AoE attacks, and it’s easy to maximize her Electro damage output thanks to her Catalyst. Still, she will be surpassed by others once you get more Wishes.


    Sword-wielder Kaeya can fulfil the role of main DPS for beginning Genshin Impact players, but he should be replaced as soon as possible. His ascension stats may give him a higher energy recharge, but Kaeya’s elemental abilities are not nearly as useful as those of other Cryo’s.


    Where to start? Amber’s elemental skill has a long cooldown, very low damage output, and scales with her HP. Triggering the explosion manually takes ages. Her elemental burst and normal attack are nothing special either. Use her for puzzles and exploration only. Razer Iskur X – Genshin Impact Edition Razer Iskur X – Genshin Impact Edition Razer $499.00 Buy Now Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales. Now it’s time to choose and build the characters you like best from our Ge...

  5. 2022年11月29日 · Our WoW Dragonflight tier list rankings are summarised in the table below, but keep scrolling for the full breakdown of the best WoW classes and their ideal spec. Tier. Character. S. Affliction ...

  6. 2022年7月15日 · World of Warcraft Dragonflight system requirements: Minimum. Recommended. OS. Windows 7 64-bit. Windows 10 64-bit. CPU. 4 Cores, 3.0 GHz processor. 4th Generation Intel Core Haswell.

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