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  1. Lo Chia-ling - Wikipedia › wiki › Lo_Chia-ling

    Lo Chia-ling (Chinese: 羅嘉翎, pinyin: Luó Jiālíng; born October 8, 2001) is a taekwondo athlete from Taiwan.After twice winning the gold medal at the World Taekwondo Junior Championships (in 2016 and 2018), she reached the Round of 16 at 2019 ...

    • 8 October 2001 (age 19)
    • Taiwan
  2. Gallen Lo - Wikipedia › wiki › Gallen_Lo
    • Career
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    Lo started his television career in 1984 at ATV. He received short-term success in acting ATV and singing theme songs for some ATV series. Lo left ATV for rival TVB, but his career did not bloom until 1996, when he was cast in the series Old Time Buddy in 1997 and Secret of the Heartin 1998. Lo won TVB's Best Actor Award three times (1997, 1998, 2002). In 2003, Lo left TVB and started to focusing on acting and making commercials in Mainland China. On February 24, 2021, Lo has finished another drama shooting in Mainland Chinaand shared on his Weibo commemorating the completion of his 100th TV series in his career.

    Lo married with Clare Fong Man-yee, a woman with whom he worked in a non-acting role at TVB, in 1998. They had a son named Lo Yushing (born in 1999) before their marriage ended in 2007. On 30 Jan 2009, he was engaged to mainland actor (Sophie) Su Yan in Beijing, and had registered his marriage with Su Yan on 9 Sep 2009. On April 18, 2013, Su Yan gave birth to her daughter by caesarean section. BB weighs more than 7 pounds and is named Sela in English and Luo Yongting in Chinese.

    TVB Anniversary Awards 1999 My Favourite On-Screen Partners ( Dramas ) ~ Feminine Masculinity ( with Flora Chan)
    TVB Anniversary Awards 2000 My Top 10 Favourite Television Characters ~ At the Threshold of an Era 2
    At Point Blank (我有时怕倾诉)
    At The Threshold of An Era 1 (創世紀)
    At The Threshold of An Era 2(創世紀 II)
    Seven Sisters (七姊妹)
    • Luó Jiāliáng
    • Lo4 Gaa1leong4
  3. Roy Kyamko - Wikipedia › wiki › Roy_Kyamko

    Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful. Lt. Gen. Roy Kyamko (Ret.) was head of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Southern Command ...

  4. Gaochang - Wikipedia › wiki › Kara-Khoja
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    Jushi Kingdom and early Han Chinese rule

    The earliest people known to have lived in the area were the Jūshī (also known as the Gushi). The region around Turfan was described during the Han dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE) as being occupied by the Jūshī, while control over the region swayed between the Han Chinese and the Xiongnu. Gaochang was built in the 1st century BC, it was an important site along the Silk Road. It played a key role as a transportation hub in Western China. The Jushi leaders later pledged their allegiance to Han dynas...

    Gaochang Kingdom

    From the mid-5th century until the mid-7th century, there existed four independent stateletsin the narrow Turpan basin. These were controlled by the Kan clan, Zhang clan, Ma clan and Qu clan. A the time of its conquest by the Rouran Khaganate, there were more than ten thousand Han Chinese households in Gaochang. The Rouran Khaganate, which was based in Mongolia, appointed a Han Chinese named Kan Bozhou to rule as King of Gaochang in 460, and it became a separate vassal kingdom of the Khaganat...

    Tang rule

    However, fearing Tang expansion, Qu Wentai later formed an alliance with the Western Turks and rebelled against Tang suzerainty. Emperor Taizong sent an army led by General Hou Junji against the kingdom in 640 and Qu Wentai apparently died of shock at news of the approaching army. Gaochang was annexed by the Chinese Tang dynasty and turned into a sub-prefecture of Xizhou (西州) and the seat of government of Anxi (安西).Before the Chinese conquered Gaochang, it was an impediment to Chinese access...

    Buddhism spread to China from India along the northern branch of the Silk Road predominantly in the 4th and 5th centuries as the Liang rulers were Buddhists. The building of Buddhist grottos probably began during this period. There are clusters close to Gaochang, the largest being the Bezeklik grottos.

    The road leading in.
    The ruins.
    "Main storage building".
    "Main storage building".


    1. Bericht über archäologische Arbeiten in Idikutschari und Umgebung im Winter 1902-1903 : vol.1 2. Chen Huaiyu (2014), "Religion and Society on the Silk Road: The Inscriptional Evidence from Turfan", Early Medieval China: A Sourcebook, New York: Columbia University Press, pp. 176–194, ISBN 978-0-231-15987-6.

  5. Toyota Corona - Wikipedia › wiki › Toyota_Corona

    This generation of the Corona was also known as the Tiara (in keeping with the crown naming convention) when exported by Toyota Motor Corporation.It was introduced at a critical time for the company in North America. Their first flagship car, ...

  6. Hentaigana - Wikipedia › wiki › 変体仮名
    • Standardized Hentaigana
    • Sources of Hentaigana
    • in Unicode
    • Development of The Hiragana Syllabic N
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    Prior to the proposal which led to the inclusion of hentaigana in Unicode10.0, they were already Standardized into a list by Mojikiban, part of the Japanese Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA). To view hentaigana, special fonts need to be installed that support Hentaigana such as 1. BabelStone Han 2. IPA MJ MinchoVersion 5.01 and later 3. Hanazono Mincho 4. Hanazono Mincho ADFKO 5. UniHentaikana

    Hentaigana are adapted from the reduced and cursive forms of the following man’yōgana (kanji) characters.Source characters for the kana are not repeated below for hentaigana even when there are alternative glyphs; some uncertain.

    286 hentaigana characters are included in the Unicode Standard in the Kana Supplement and Kana Extended-A blocks. One character was added to Unicode version 6.0 in 2010, 𛀁 (U+1B001 HIRAGANA LETTER ARCHAIC YE which has the formal alias HENTAIGANA LETTER E-1), and the remaining 285 hentaiganacharacters were added in Unicode version 10.0 in June 2017. The Unicode block for Kana Supplement is U+1B000–U+1B0FF: The Unicode block for Kana Extended-A is U+1B100–U+1B12F:

    The hiragana syllabic n (ん) derives from a cursive form of the character 无, and originally signified /mu͍/, the same as む. The spelling reform of 1900 separated the two uses, declaring that む could only be used for /mu͍/ and ん could only be used for syllable-final /ɴ/. Previously, in the absence of a character for the syllable-final /ɴ/, the sound was spelled (but not pronounced) identically to /mu͍/, and readers had to rely on context to determine what was intended. This ambiguity has led to some modern expressions based on what are, in effect, spelling pronunciations.

    Hentaigana are considered obsolete, but a few marginal uses remain. For example, otemoto (chopsticks), is written in hentaigana on some wrappers and many soba shops use hentaigana to spell kisoba on their signs. (See also: "Ye Olde" for "the old" on English signs.) Hentaigana are used in some formal handwritten documents, particularly in certificates issued by classical Japanese cultural groups (e.g., martial art schools, etiquette schools, religious study groups, etc.). Also, they are occasionally used in reproductions of classic Japanese texts, akin to the use of blackletter in English and other Germanic languages to give an archaic flair. Modern poems may be composed and printed in hentaiganafor visual effect. However, most Japanese people are unable to read hentaigananowadays, only recognizing a few from their common use in shop signs, or figuring them out from context.

    Some of the following hentaigana are cursive formsof the same kanji as their standard hiragana counterparts, but simplified differently. Others descend from unrelated kanji that represent the same sound. 1. 以(い)i 2. 江(え)e 3. 於(お)o 4. 可(か)ka, ga 5. 起(き)ki, gi 6. 古(こ)ko, go 7. 志(し)shi, ji 8. 春(す)su, zu 9. 多(た)ta, da 10. 奈(な)na 11. 能(の)no 12. 者(は)ha, ba 13. 由(ゆ)yu 14. 連(れ)re 15. 路(ろ)ro 16. 王(わ)wa

    Chart of hentaigana calligraphy from O'Neill's A Reader of Handwritten Japanese Archived 2006-07-07 at the Wayback Machine
    A chart of hentaigana hosted by Jim Breen of the WWWJDIC
  7. Tangut (Unicode block) - Wikipedia › wiki › Tangut_(unicode_block)

    Tangut is a Unicode block containing characters from the Tangut script, which was used for writing the Tangut language spoken by the Tangut people in the Western Xia Empire, and in China during the Yuan dynasty and early Ming dynasty. Tangut ...

  8. Jessica's Law - Wikipedia › wiki › Jessica&
    • Jessica Lunsford Act
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    The Jessica Lunsford Act (H.R. 1505 of the 109th Congress), was a proposed federal law in the United States — modeled after the Florida state law — which, if adopted, would have mandated more stringent tracking of released sex offenders.

    Arthur A. Benson II. Jane Doe I, et al. v. Thomas Phillips et al.(Case No. SC86573). May 2006.
    Carl Jones. "Porn Law Goes Too Far". Daily Business Review. April 10, 2006.
    Internet Broadcasting Systems and "Groups Propose Tier System For Sex Registry". May 2006.
    Rebecca Van Drunen. Confederation College. "Outcast Society: A Closer Look at North American Sexual Offenders in the Twenty-First Century". May 5, 2006.
  9. List of CJK Unified Ideographs, part 3 of 4 - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_CJK_Unified_Ideographs_(7800

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (Redirected from List of CJK Unified Ideographs (7800-8CFF)) Jump to navigation Jump to search. This list is a part of a single Unicode block. For an overview of all CJK ideograph blocks in Unicode, see CJK ...

  10. Natural monuments of North Korea - Wikipedia › wiki › Natural_monuments_of_North_Korea

    This is a partial list of the natural monuments of North Korea. A total of 935 natural monuments have been designated. [by whom?Name (Korean name) Location Type Scientific name 1 Sargent cherry and Manchurian fir trees of Rŭngra-do island 릉라도 ...

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