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  1. 1. "Relocalization is a strategy to build societies based on the local production of food, energy and goods, and the local development of currency, governance and culture. The main goals of relocalization are to increase community energy security, to strengthen local economies, and to improve environmental conditions and social equity.

  2. 2012年2月13日 · Typology. Brewster Kneen: "Roman law recognised five different categories of what might be described as ‘impersonal' property7. These categories are not tidy, as indicated by the word res, the Latin word for ‘thing,' a fuzzy word if there ever was one. But they do offer more ‘property' options than seem to be recognised today.

  3. 2019年5月5日 · Cosmopolitan Localism - P2P Foundation. Contents. 1 Description. 2 History. 3 Discussion. 3.1 The Vision of Cosmopolitan Localism. Description. 1. Gideon Kossoff: "Cosmopolitan Localism is the theory and practice of inter-regional and planet-wide net-working between place-based communities who share knowledge, technology, and re-sources.

  4. 2010年12月5日 · As Zohar and Marshall point out, using the word ‘Mechanism’ as short-hand, in effect, for the Cartesian-Newtonian paradigm: “Mechanism stresses an unbridgeable gulf between human beings and the physical world. Human consciousness has no role or place in Newton’s vast world machine. As the French biologist Jacques Monod describes it, we ...

  5. San Pisith is a Buddhist Monk and an Early Stage Researcher at Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance. He has joined the Cosmolocalism project since September 2019 to pursue a Ph.D. at TalTech, Estonia. His Ph.D. thesis focuses on Buddhist Economics, Buddhist Governance, Commons, and Happiness and Public Purpose.

  6. Description. Following her studies of innumerable long-enduring Commons, Ostrom concluded that the following eight “design principles” were essential elements which were always to be found in the way these sustainable CPRs organise themselves. Clearly defined boundaries, which define who has access to the CPR.

  7. Description. "Panspectric technologies were initially developed with in signals intelligence. Now they are progressively being transferred to all aspects of every-day life, thus enforcing social order. The notion of the panspectron was coined by Manuel DeLanda’s in his book War in the Age of Intelligent Machines (1991), referring mainly ...

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