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  1. Show Me The Solitaire Games !! (單人遊戲清單) | BoardGameGeek

    在還沒有Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game出來之前,這款遊戲真的是我最喜歡的單人Deck Building Game,在BGG上單人遊玩的評價普遍也都很好。主題性強烈,打怪、升級、城鎮買配備、英雄配武器,讓人覺得真的是在玩RPG一般,

  2. Show Me The Solitaire Games !! (單人遊戲清單) | BoardGameGeek

    其實我有一點點小失望,玩起來感覺就像是Star Realms,只是換了個主題,有玩過Star Realms的話,連說明書都不用仔細看就可以直接開來玩。當然我還沒有試過其他職業的牌組,只是先單純地玩基本版。不過Star Realms所發展出來的Solo Challenge算是新的單人 ...

  3. Boardgame Record's Essen 2013 Watch List | BoardGameGeek

    Designer Uwe Rosenberg says that the game includes parts of Agricola, but also has new ideas, especially the cave part of your game board, where you can build mines and search for rubies. The game also includes two new animals: dogs and donkeys. ...

  4. Boardgame Record's 2014 Watch List | BoardGameGeek


  5. Hi! This Geeklist is for gamers in Taiwan to support projects on Kickstarter, Ulule, and Indiegogo to kill the international shipping cost! Dear Campaign Runners, your kind consideration for international bundles will be greatly appreciated and ...

  1. 美國board game 相關