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    Media: Kokoretsi. Kokoretsi or kokoreç is a dish of the Balkans and Anatolia (Asia Minor), consisting of lamb or goat intestines wrapped around seasoned offal, including sweetbreads, hearts, lungs, or kidneys, and typically grilled; a variant consists of chopped innards cooked on a griddle. The intestines of suckling lambs are preferred.

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    Akhaltsikhe ( Georgian: ახალციხე [ɑxɑltsʰixɛ], literally "new castle"; formerly known as Lomsia Georgian: ლომსია) is a small city in Georgia 's southwestern region ( mkhare) of Samtskhe–Javakheti. It is situated on both banks of a small river Potskhovi, which divides the city between the old city in the north ...

    • 1,029 m (3,376 ft)
    • 0800
  3. Dzodzi Tsikata is a professor at the Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research at the University of Ghana. Her academic interests include gender and development Issues, gender equity policies and practices. She was elected in June 2015 as the president of Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa ( CODESRIA ...

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    NHL Draft. 153rd overall, 1974. Buffalo Sabres. Playing career. 1974–1980. Richard Joseph Jodzio (born June 3, 1954 in Edmonton, Alberta) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey left winger. He played in the National Hockey League (NHL) with the Colorado Rockies and the Cleveland Barons; he also played in the World Hockey Association ...

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    Mirziyoyev was born on 24 July 1957 in the Jizzakh Region of the Uzbek SSR. Some media outlets alleged that he was really born in the village of Yakhtan in the Leninabad Oblast (now the Sughd Region) of Tajikistan, and even unconfirmed claims that he was allegedly a Tajik. After an investigation by several journalists, it was revealed that Yakhtan ...

    He served as governor (Hakim) of Jizzakh Region from 1996 to September 2001, then as governor of Samarqand Region from September 2001 until his appointment as prime minister in 2003. He was nominated as prime minister by President Islam Karimov on 12 December 2003, and approved by the Uzbek parliament. He replaced Prime Minister Oʻtkir Sultonov. Hi...

    A member of the Samarkand clan, he was considered to be one of the leading potential successors to Islam Karimov as President of Uzbekistan. Mirziyoyev was reported to have friendly relations with Karimov's wife, Tatyana Karimova, and National Security Council chairman Rustam Inoyatov. After the death of Karimov was announced on 2 September 2016, M...

    He has two sisters, a half-brother, and sister. Mirziyoyev is married to Ziroatkhon Hoshimova and has two daughters, a son and five grandchildren.His eldest son-in-law, Oybek Tursunov, is the current head of Mirziyoyev's presidential administration, while his younger son-in-law, Otabek Shahanov, is the head of the presidential security services. Si...

    Order "Mehnat shuhrati"
    Order "Fidokorona xizmatlari uchun"
    Order of Danaker[ru] (Kyrgyzstan)
    Honored Citizen of Seoul (South Korea)
  5. Volleyball. BC Zenit Saint Petersburg ( Russian: БК Зенит Санкт Петербург ), formerly known as BC Dynamo Moscow Region (2003–2007) and BC Triumph Lyubertsy (2007–2014), is a Russian professional basketball team that is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, since 2014. The club competes domestically in the VTB United ...

  6. Shah Hussain Shah Sheerazi is a Pakistani politician who had been a Member of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh, from May 2013 to May 2018. Early life He was born on 20 July 1977 in Thatta.[1] Political career He was elected to the Provincial Assembly of Sindh as a candidate of Pakistan Muslim League (N) from Constituency PS-86 THATTA-III in 2013 Pakistani general election.