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    Furniture and other items in bedrooms vary greatly, depending on taste, local traditions and the socioeconomic status of an individual. For instance, a primary bedroom (master bedroom) (also referred to as a "masters bedroom" in the Philippines) may include a bed of a specific size (double, king or queen-sized); one or more dressers (or perhaps, a wardrobe armoire); a nightstand; one or more ...

  2. › wiki › RoomRoom - Wikipedia

    A bedroom is the room where a bed is located, and whose primary purpose is sleeping. A master bedroom may have an en suite bathroom. A guest room is a bedroom used primarily by overnight guests. The nursery is a bedroom for babies or young children. It may be separate from the playroom, which is a room where the children's toys are kept.

  3. › wiki › Den_(room)Den (room) - Wikipedia

    Den (room) A large den for casual entertaining and watching television. A den is a small room in a house where people can pursue activities in private. [1] In North America, the type of rooms described by the term den varies considerably by region. It is used to describe many different kinds of bonus rooms, including family rooms, libraries ...

  4. › wiki › Room_numberRoom number - Wikipedia

    A room number is a number assigned to a room within a building. Its purpose is to identify a particular room, and help building inhabitants locate that room. [1] Room numbers may consist of three digits, but can be any number of digits. The room number is generally assigned with the first digit indicating the floor on which the room is located.

  5. Compartmentalization in structures, such as land-based buildings, traffic tunnels, ships, aerospace vehicles, or submarines, is the fundamental basis and aim of passive fire protection . The idea is to divide a structure into "fire compartments", which may contain single or multiple rooms, for the purpose of limiting the spread of fire, smoke ...

  6. › wiki › Bedroom_taxBedroom tax - Wikipedia

    Bedroom tax. The under-occupancy penalty (also known as the under occupation penalty, under-occupancy charge, under-occupation charge or size criteria) [1] results from a reform contained in the British Welfare Reform Act 2012 whereby tenants living in public housing (also called council or social housing) with rooms deemed "spare" face a ...

  7. Find sources: "Room" Chinese constellation – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (December 2009) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) The Room mansion (房宿, pinyin: Fáng Xiù) is one of the Twenty-eight mansions of the Chinese constellations. It is one of the eastern mansions of the Azure Dragon .

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