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  1. 2024年7月16日 · How to join the live event*. To enter the MCC Party, simply click the dedicated button on the main screen of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. The event will be open between July 22 at 10am PST / 7pm CET to August 4 at 3pm PST / August 5 at 12am CET.

  2. 2024年7月1日 · We’re updating our art. Same game, new images. We’re making updates to the Minecraft artwork that features on game boxes, digital storefronts, and our own PC launcher. It’s worth noting that the artwork isn’t arriving alongside a gameplay update.

  3. 2024年7月12日 · Discounted fun with friends. Our Summer Celebration is already in full swing, and now it’s time to celebrate playing together! We’re offering up to 75% off selected content at Minecraft Marketplace alongside a free trial for Realms Plus, which now includes the chomptacular PAC-MAN DLC.

  4. 1. CREATE A BREATHTAKING ENTRANCE. For any would-be interior designer, the trial chamber makes an excellent first impression. The atrium is covered in polished copper surfaces that scream industrial chic, and tastefully trailing foliage gives the space a welcome splash of color. The only thing that's missing?

  5. 2024年7月14日 · To celebrate the birthday of our favorite subaquatic sponge (don’t tell the wet sponge block), a new, paid SpongeBob add-on is coming to Minecraft Marketplace on August 20th!

  6. 2024年7月16日 · July 2024: Marketplace Content. PAC-MAN joins Marketplace Pass & Realms Plus. I hope you’re hungry for adventure, because your Marketplace Pass subscription has cooked up quite the buffet for July. With 26 new pieces of content, there’s no skimping out on dessert here!

  7. 2024年7月8日 · A theme park from Imagiverse that’s out of this world. Been trying to book tickets for a theme park in outer space? And now NASA won’t return your calls? Rude! Luckily, there’s an easier way to enjoy such a thing – by downloading Galaxy of Games by Imagiverse from the Minecraft Marketplace .