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  1. The site is managed by the World Resources Institute (WRI) in Washington DC. The International Land Coalition (ILC) based in Rome, partners with WRI on outreach. The site is not 'owned' by anyone, all inputs are voluntary but regulated and managed by WRI

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    Kostakis, V., Pazaitis, A., and Liarokapis, M. (2023). Beyond high-tech versus low-tech: A tentative framework for sustainable urban data governance. Big Data and Society, 10(1) (text)

    Bauwens, M., Kostakis, V., & Pazaitis, A. (2019). Peer to Peer: The Commons Manifesto. London, UK: Westminster University Press. Free E-book available (text)

    Pazaitis, A. and Drechsler, W. (2021). Peer Production and State Theory: Envisioning a Cooperative Partner State. In M. O'Neil, C. Pentzold, & S. Toupin (Eds.), The Handbook of Peer Production (pp....

  2. Definition. Cosmo-Local Production is a methodology for creating value and products and services that are inspired by the following basic rules: it marries the planetary globalization of knowledge, the 'smart' localization of production, and both local and planetary mutualization, i.e. marrying distributed making and global open innovation: 1 ...

  3. Dr. Christina Priavolou is a Core Member at the P2P Lab. She is a civil engineer (5-years BSc, University of Patras, Greece) and holds an interdisciplinary MSc in Environmental Development (National Technical University of Athens, Greece). She has a two-year experience in both private and public works.

  4. * Conference Paper / Article: Elements of Antirival Accounting with sNFT. By Tommi M Elo, Jarno Marttila, Sergi Cutillas, et al. International Conference on Computational Science - Prague, Czech Republic Duration: 3 Jul 2023 → 5 Jul 2023. Notes in Computer

  5. * Article: Common asset trusts to effectively steward natural capital and ecosystem services at multiple scales. By Robert Costanza, Paul W.B. Atkins, Marcello Hernandez-Blanco, et al. Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 280, 15 February 2021, 111801 ...

  6. Daniel Bitton: "When immediate return nomadic big game hunting and gathering – which is one of the most efficient forms of subsistence – is no longer viable, people start focusing on other types of hunting and gathering practices – so-called “intensification” strategies, that are more work – things like focusing on shellfish ...