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    英文短篇文章 Cat and Mouse in Partnership A cat and a mouse decide to keep house together. In times of need they bought a pot of fat and put it in the church . (only a while down the road) where it would be safe. After a little while the cat yearned for the fat and

  2. Neatorama presents the Top 10 Neat Facts About Google: 趣聞部落格將為你列出十個Google鮮為人知的歷史趣事:. 1. Before Google, There Was BackRub. In 1996, graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin worked on a research project to understand the link structure of the World Wide Web.

  3. 英文 励志文章. 《Today I begin a new life》. Today I shed my old skin which hath, too long, suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediority. Today I am born anew and my birthplace is a vineyard where there is fruit for all. Today I will pluck grapes of wisdom from the tallest and fullest vines in the vineyard,for these were ...

  4. 2018/11/9 · 因此,最好從閱讀一些短篇故事或是簡單文章的段落開始。 一旦這些短篇故事你都搞懂了,就可以進階到較困難的文章。 大多英文閱讀資源網站對於其文章都會依程度來做分類(本文介紹的網站也不例外),因此你可以依自己的英文程度循序漸進地學習。

  5. 2016/4/20 · 看見英文課本就想睡覺 ,覺得學校英文課的內容枯燥乏味嗎 ? 其實學習英文可以很有趣,與其抱著單字書辛苦地背誦,大量閱讀英文文章才是累積單字量和片語的最好方式,可以從自己有興趣的領域開始養成閱讀英文的習慣。 想回應這篇文章嗎?也想發表文章嗎?

  6. 2017/5/27 · 學習英文的網站真的是百百種,找到一個適合自己的棲息地還真不簡單,小編在這邊介紹幾個國內比較少人使用,卻可以提升英文能力的外國網站給大家參考。 1. Sparknotes:Today’s Most Popular Study Guides 讀不懂文學?英文文章看得暈頭轉向?快來

  7. Hello everyone~ 我是英文庫的 Jenny 😎 今天 Jenny 要來介紹幾個實用的新聞英文資源,以及它們有哪些特色~ Jenny 覺得學習新聞英文是個讓語文能力進步的絕佳方式,因為好的新聞用語及文章架構較為專精,但又不會文謅謅,能夠讓人閱讀時不需花太多力氣便能掌握要點。

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