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  1. josephine siao fong-fong mbe ( simplified chinese: 萧芳芳; traditional chinese: 蕭芳芳; pinyin: xiāo fāngfāng; jyutping: siu1 fong1 fong1) is a hong kong film star who became popular as a child actress and continued her success as a mature actress, winning numerous awards including best actress at the 45th berlin international film festival (for summer …

    • Xiāo Fāngfāng
    • siu1 fong1 fong1
  2. › wiki › FanFanFanFan - Wikipedia

    FanFan. In this Chinese name, the family name is Fan. Christine Fan (born March 18, 1976), better known by her stage name FanFan or her Chinese name Fan Wei-chi, is a Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter, TV presenter, record producer, actress, author and philanthropist. She sings mostly in Mandarin, but has also recorded in English.

  3. › wiki › Olaf_ScholzOlaf Scholz - Wikipedia

    A member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), he previously served as Vice Chancellor under Angela Merkel and as Federal Minister of Finance from 2018 to 2021. He was also First Mayor of Hamburg from 2011 to 2018 and deputy leader of the SPD from 2009 to 2019. Scholz began his career as a lawyer specialising in labour and employment law.

  4. › wiki › ChefchaouenChefchaouen - Wikipedia

    • Etymology
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    The name "Chefchaouen" is of Tarifit or Tamazigh origin, derived from the word isakon or echaouen which means 'the horns', and the word chefwhich means 'look at'. Chefchaouen thus means 'look at the horns', reflecting the two mountain peaks overlooking the area. Nowadays, Chefchaouen is known as "the Blue Pearl" of Morocco, known for its traditiona...

    The city was founded in 1471 as a small kasbah by Ali ibn Rashid al-Alami, a descendant of Abd al-Salam ibn Mashish al-Alami and Idris I. Al-Alami built the kasbah to defend against Portuguese invasions of northern Morocco. Along with the Ghomaras of the region, many Moriscos and Spanish and Portuguese Jews settled here during and after the Reconqu...


    The city of Chefchaouen is located at about 600 metres (2,000 ft) above sea level in the foothills of the Kaʻala mountain in the western part of the Rif mountain range, in northwestern Morocco. The province of Chefchaouen is among the largest in Morocco, with an area of 3,443 km2 (1,329 sq mi).[relevant?] It is bordered by five provinces – Tétouan Province to the northwest, Larache Province to the west, Al Hoceïma Province to the east, Taounate Province to the south, Ouezzane Province to the...


    The province of Chefchaouen has a Mediterranean climatecharacterized by rainy and cool winters from October to April, and dry and hot summers from May to September. The average annual rainfall is around 880 mm (35 in), variable with altitude and proximity to the coast. (Rainfall could reach 1,400–2,000 mm per year, with snowfall over the mountains peaks.) Likewise, the temperature remains influenced by the Mediterranean Sea, altitude and winds, with the mean annual temperature around 16.6 °C...

    According to the last census of Moroccan population (2014), the municipality of Chefchaouen has a population of 42,786.Chefchaouen Province has more than 457,432 inhabitants representing 1.3% of Moroccan total population. The provincial population is 87.45% rural.

    Chefchaouen has maintained strong relations with the inhabitants of the Jbala Region such as Akhmas, Ghomara, Ghazaoua and Sanhaja tribes, particularly in terms of trade. The federations of these tribes were sometimes a source of strength, and sometimes a weakness due to their frequent struggles to take possession of assets such as water sources, g...

    Agriculture and sea fishing

    Despite the significant rainfall, agricultural activity is limited due to the rugged and steep topography, the scarcity of arable land, the low mechanization level, and the lack of irrigation infrastructure. These factors have contributed to the emergence of traditional agriculture largely dependent on climatic hazards. Forests have been harvested for wood and pulp products and to clear land for agriculture. Villagers from rural areas form an important workforce in the agricultural field. The...

    Industry and commerce

    The industrial sector remains very weak despite the province's potential with its availability of human and natural resources. The commercial sector is one of the main economic supports of Chefchaouen, bolstered by tourism activity and remittances from workers abroad. It is mainly focused in urban centers and the main rural communes, and based on the sale of traditional food products, construction materials, clothing and household items. Commercial transactions become dynamic during summer, w...


    During the holidays, the city sees a considerable influx of Moroccan and foreign tourists, attracted by its natural landscapes and historical monuments. Tourism is largely seasonal, with 200 hotels in the province catering to an influx of European tourists in the summer. The city history is seen in the brightly painted medina (old town) with its blue-white facades, the narrow streets of the Bab Souk district and the interior gardens of the Kasbah and its ramparts and towers, while the city is...

    Chefchaouen's blue walls are a popular subject of interest. There are several theories as to why the walls were painted blue. One popular theory is that the blue keeps mosquitos away. The blue is said to symbolize the sky and heaven, and serve as a reminder to lead a spiritual life.However, according to some locals, the walls were mandated to be pa...

    List of twin towns and sister cities include: 1. Issaquah, Washington, United States(since April 11, 2007) 2. Vejer de la Frontera, Spain 3. Ronda, Spain 4. Kunming, China 5. Testour, Tunisia 6. Mértola, Portugal 7. Beni Mellal, Morocco(domestic)

  5. Elva Hsiao chronology. Elva First Album. (1999) Red Rose. (2000) "Cappuccino" (cover contains - 너의 향기 ("The Very Scent of You") from 1998 album: J-Gold / J-Blue) Elva First Album ( simplified Chinese: 萧亚轩同名专辑; traditional Chinese: 蕭亞軒同名專輯) is the debut album by Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao, released on 17 ...

  6. Damon Hill, TWR Arrows 1997. Tom Walkinshaw Racing was involved in Formula One from 1992 to 2002. At first, Walkinshaw became Benetton 's engineering director, and was instrumental in developing the car that took Michael Schumacher to his first World Championship title in 1994. A falling out with Benetton boss Flavio Briatore saw Walkinshaw ...

  7. › wiki › Elva_HsiaoElva Hsiao - Wikipedia

    Elva Hsiao ( traditional Chinese: 蕭亞軒; simplified Chinese: 萧亚轩; pinyin: Xiāo Yǎxuān, born 24 August 1979) is a Taiwanese singer, songwriter, dancer, actress and businesswoman. [4]

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