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  1. National Pension - Wikipedia › wiki › National_Pension

    The Japanese Kokumin Nenkin (国民年金) national pension is a pension system that all registered residents of Japan, both Japanese and foreign, are required to enroll in. Since January 1, 2010 it has been managed by the Japan Pension Service.

  2. Mother's Day - Wikipedia › wiki › Mother&

    Mother's Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family or individual, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.It is celebrated on different days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the ...

    • Varies per country
    • Honors mothers and motherhood
    • 40+ countries
    • Worldwide
  3. The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. - Wikipedia › wiki › The_S

    The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. was an American R&B and dance music group, assembled by Robert Clivillés and David Cole of C&C Music Factory, that was active in 1992. The group featured lead vocals by Michelle Visage, who was formerly a member ...

  4. Special Act for Prevention, Relief and Revitalization Measures for COVID-19 - Wikipedia › wiki › Special_Act_on_COVID-19_Prevention
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    On 13 February 2020, the Executive Yuan proposed NT$60 billion in subsidies distributed to industries affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Part of the funds were allocated under the provisions of the Disaster Prevention and Protection Act (災害防救法). Seven days later, on 20 February, the Executive Yuan passed a bill regarding further governmental response to the outbreak. Penalties for hoarding medical supplies, avoiding quarantine restrictions, and disseminating misinformation about COVID-19 were codified. The bill became law upon passing its third Legislative Yuan reading on 25 February 2020. The Special Act for Prevention, Relief and Revitalization Measures for Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens took effect retroactively from 15 January 2020, and was fully implemented upon promulgation by the Tsai Ing-wen presidential administration on 25 February 2020. The Executive Yuan approved the special budget for COVID-19-related subsidies on 27 February. On 13 March, the coronavirus budget...

    During the 2002–2004 SARS outbreak the Provisional Act for Prevention and Relief of SARS was enacted. When the outbreak passed, the law was repealed. Applicable provisions were incorporated into the Communicable Disease Control Act, which regulates government actions during public health emergencies caused by communicable diseases. Following the SARS outbreak, questions remained regarding the constitutionality of Article 37, paragraph 1 of the Communicable Disease Control Act as amended in January 2002. In 2011, the Justices of the Constitutional Court issued Judicial Interpretation 609, which declared that particular section to be constitutional, and that it specifically did not violate Articles 8 or 23 of the Constitution of the Republic of China, which establish rights to due process and proportionality.The court held that all necessary measures or administrative dispositions including short-term detentions or quarantines were broadly delegated by the Communicable Disease Control...

    The Regulations Governing the Compensation for Periods of Isolation and Quarantine for Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens (嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎隔離及檢疫期間防疫補償辦法), a directive regulating compensation paid to people under quarantine due to COVID-19 was promulgated on 10 March 2020. Following the passage of the special act, Tsai Ing-wen convened a national security meeting on 12 March to discuss the economic impact of the pandemic.

    Text of the Special Act for Prevention, Relief and Revitalization Measures for Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens, provided by the Ministry of Justice

  5. New Zealand - Wikipedia › wiki › New_zealand

    New Zealand is one of the last major landmasses settled by humans. Radiocarbon dating, evidence of deforestation and mitochondrial DNA variability within Māori populations suggest that Eastern Polynesians first settled the New Zealand ...

  6. Spain - Wikipedia › wiki › Spain

    Spain is a secular parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, with King Felipe VI as head of state. It is a highly developed country and a high income country, with the world's fourteenth-largest economy by nominal GDP and the ...

  7. Sun Moon Lake - Wikipedia › wiki › Sun_Moon_Lake

    Sun Moon Lake is located 748 m (2,454 ft) above sea level. It is 27 m (89 ft) deep and has a surface area of approximately 7.93 km 2 (3.06 sq mi). The area surrounding the lake has many trails for hiking. While swimming in Sun Moon Lake is ...

  8. Kaohsiung - Wikipedia › wiki › Kaohsiung

    Kaohsiung City (/ ˌ k aʊ ˈ ʃ ʌ ŋ /; Mandarin Chinese: [ka uɕjʊ ŋ] (); Wade–Giles: Kao¹-hsiung²) is a special municipality in southern Taiwan.It ranges from the coastal urban centre to the rural Yushan Range with an area of 2,952 km 2 (1,140 sq ...

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