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  1. Tiger Balm Garden. The entrance to Haw Par Villa in the grounds of Tiger Balm Garden in Singapore. Tiger Balm Gardens are public gardens that existed or continue to exist in three East Asia locations. They are also known as Haw Par Villa gardens . All three Tiger Balm Garden locations were built by the Aw family ( Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par ).

  2. Geology Crescent Lake has a long and narrow shape similar to a crescent. History Crescent Lake was formerly known as Dunn's Lake. Search for wreckage of the Alligator On December 9, 2008, a group of volunteers led by scientists from the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program in St. Augustine, Florida searched the east side of Lake Crescent for the sunken wreckage of the Alligator.

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    • 2 mi (3.2 km)
  3. › wiki › Tai_TamTai Tam - Wikipedia

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    The present-day Tai Tam is the area around Tai Tam Tuk, the location of Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir. It is covered by the Tai Tam Reservoirs, the Tai Tam Country Park and Tai Tam Country Park (Quarry Bay extension). Along Tai Tam Roadare some luxurious apartment towers and houses, such as the manhattan. The innermost of Tai Tam Bay is Tai Tam Harbour, cl...

    In 1845, Tai Tam was a small habitat east of the market of Stanley, facing Tai Tam Bay. (It still uses the postal address of Tai Tam Village, Stanley). Later, the Stanley Peninsula was also known as Tai Tam Peninsula. The southeast cape of the peninsula is Tai Tam Head. Tai Tam Tuk, the site of Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir, was a valley habitat with exten...

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    Kaohsiung Confucius Temple

    The old Confucius Templewas originally built in 1684. The temple has a circumference of to 122 meters. However, during the Japanese colonial period due to lack of maintenance, the only part of the original structure was the Chong Sheng Shrine, which is presently which located in the west side of Old City Elementary School nearby Lotus Pond. The new Confucius Temple was located in northwest corner of Lotus Pond; then, it was relocated and rebuilt in 1977, located in North Shore of Lotus Pond....

    Spring and Autumn Pavilions

    This temple complex was established in 1953. It is named after the two Chinese palace-style pavilions built there, the Spring and Autumn Pavilions. Each of these is four-storey and octagonal, with green tiles and yellow walls, and like an antique pagoda reflected in the water. They communicate with each other by 9 bend bridge and are also called "Spring and autumn Royal Pavilion", set up by commemorated "The Martial Saint, Lord Kua". There is a Guanyin statue which is riding a dragon in the f...

    Dragon and Tiger Pagodas

    The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas towers have a height of seven stories, and are constructed to stand on the lake. The fronts of the buildings have dragon and tiger statues, respectively. Visitors enter the towers through the statues' bodies. Entering the dragon's mouth and exiting via the tiger's mouth is believed to be auspicious. The towers are connected to the shore with a 9-angle bridge (九曲橋). Inside the tiger and dragon figures are work art telling stories of the good and bad and some histor...

    Located on Cuihua Road, the Pavilion markets high-quality agricultural products from Kaohsiung. The Pavilion sells agricultural products and also has a deli area offering meals that feature local ingredients. There are also DIY classroom teaching handcrafts and cooking classroom using local ingredients.

    Dragon and Tiger Pagodas
    Wuli Pavilion
    Statue of Taoist God
    Lotus Pond at night
  4. › wiki › NirakudamNirakudam - Wikipedia

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    Dharmapalan and his younger brother Satyapalan live together along with their family. Dharmapalan does not have any children, while Satyapalan has two sons. His older son Devan's left leg and hand were paralysed due to an electric shock while he was still a child, while his younger son Rajan is studying in college in the city. Dharmapalan's wife Bh...

    The film was a remake of director A. Bhimsingh's own Tamil film Bhaaga Pirivinai (1959). The film was produced by Baby under the banner of Swapna Films. G. Vittal Rao was the man behind the camera and K. Sankunni edited the film. playwright and actor Surasu wrote script and dialogues for the story written by M. S. Cholamalai. The film was shot at A...

    The music was composed by Jaya–Vijaya and the lyrics were written by Bichu Thirumala. The song "Nakshathradeepangal Thilangi" from this film features K. J. Yesudassinging on stage.

    Nirakudam was released on 29 July 1977.The film was a commercial success, running for over 100 days in theatres. B. Vijayakumar of Hindu wrote that the film was "Remembered for the family-based story line, Kamal Haasan's performance and good music".

  5. Qixingtan Beach was originally located at the east of Hualien airport. Its shape is like the Big Dipper, so it is called Qixingtan. Back in 1936, Japanese government filled the lake in order to build the Hualien airport, and now there are only four ponds left. Japanese government forced the residents who lived at the original Qixingtan to move ...

  6. Cheongdam-dong ( Korean : 청담동; Hanja : 淸潭洞) is a ward of Gangnam District in Seoul, South Korea. The area is best known in South Korea as an affluent neighborhood populated by a disproportionately high number of high-income individuals and for having some of the most expensive real estate in the country. It is known as an upmarket ...

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