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  1. Katharina Gamlemshaug Andresen (born 21 May 1995) is a Norwegian heiress, and as of 2020, the world's third-youngest billionaire (US$ 1.1 billion) as reported by Forbes. She is the daughter of Johan H. Andresen Jr., owner of Ferd AS, who, in 2007, transferred 42.2% ownership stakes each to Katharina and her sister Alexandra. ...

    • Katharina Gamlemshaug Andresen, 21 May 1995 (age 27), Oslo, Norway
    • Alexandra Andresen (sister)
  2. Sutemi Horiguchi (堀口 捨己, Horiguchi Sutemi, 1895–1984) was an architect and a historian of Japanese architecture, and an expert of sukiya-zukuri architecture. In addition to designing modern buildings, he designed buildings in sukiya-zukuri, and buildings that fused both modern architectural and traditional Japanese architectural motifs.

    • January 6, 1895
    • Architect, Historian (architecture)
    • August 18, 1984 (aged 56)
    • 堀口 捨己
  3. › wiki › Xu_WeizhouXu Weizhou - Wikipedia

    Xu Weizhou (born October 20, 1994), known internationally as Timmy Xu, is a Chinese actor and singer-songwriter, best known for playing the character Bai Luoyin in the Chinese web series Addicted.He was the first artist to achieve the top spots on the Billboard China V chart and Mandarin chart within the same week. ...

  4. Juliette Binoche (French pronunciation: [ʒyljɛt binɔʃ]; born 9 March 1964) is a French actress, artist, and dancer.She has appeared in more than sixty feature films and has been the recipient of numerous accolades, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, a Silver Bear, a Cannes Film Festival Award, Volpi Cup and a César Award.

    • Early History
    • from The Glorious Revolution Onward
    • Notable Members

    As a place-name, it is first recorded as Kavandisc in 1086 in the Domesday Book, and appears to have a meaning of 'Cafna's Pasture', from personal byname Cafa/Cafna (from caf 'bold, daring'), and edisc 'enclosed pasture'. By 1201, it was in use as the surname de Cavendis (borne by one Simon de Cavendis in the Suffolk Records of Pleas before the Kin...

    After missing nation-leading and internationally definitive largesse and empire-building in Charles II's five-peer acronym of the Cabal ministry, William Cavendish, Earl of Devonshire, was the first of the name to rise to duke. He co-wrote the 1688 Invitation to William to exclude Catholics from the monarchy, which set in motion the Glorious Revolu...

    The explorer Thomas Cavendish"the Navigator" (1555–1592) was descended from Roger Cavendish, Sir John Cavendish's brother. The 3rd to 9th Dukes of Portland were descended from the Cavendish family through the female line, and took the surname Cavendish-Bentinck or a variant thereof. Their principal seat, Welbeck Abbey in Nottinghamshire, came to th...

  5. › wiki › Heo_JunHeo Jun - Wikipedia

    Heo Jun (허준, 1546 – 9 October 1615) was a Korean physician. He was the court physician of the Yangcheon Heo clan during the reign of King Seonjo of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. Background He was appointed as a court physician at the age of 29. He wrote a ...

  6. Xu (simplified Chinese: 许; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: Xǔ; Wade–Giles: Hsü3; Jyutping: Heoi2) is a Chinese surname. In the Wade-Giles system of romanization, it is rendered as Hsu, which is commonly used in Taiwan. It is different from Xu (surname 徐), which is represented by a different character.

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