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  1. 2017年10月8日 · That conceptual frame is the Chthulucene. Both the Anthropocene and Capitalocene are seen as lending themselves “too readily to cynicism, defeatism, and self-certain and self-fulfilling predictions” (Haraway, 2016b). The Chthulucene, alternatively, is “made up of ongoing multispecies stories and practises of becoming-with in times that ...

  2. Description. "The word “system” derives from the Greek “synhistanai” which means “to place together.”. In his seminal book Systems Thinking, Systems Practice, Peter Checkland defined systems thinking as thinking about the world through the concept of “system.”. This involves thinking in terms of processes rather than structures ...

  3. In the words of physician Rudolph Virchow: “Medicine is a social science and politics nothing but medicine on a large scale.” [5] Virchow recognized that any public health issue is invariably related to society as a whole.

  4. In other words, the sequence of percentages (7.0, 3.5, 2.8, and so on) corresponds closely with the 1/k sequence (1/1, 1/2, 1/3…). Although Zipf originally formulated his law to apply just to this phenomenon of word frequencies, scientists find that it describes a surprisingly wide range of statistical distributions, such as individual wealth and income, populations of cities, and even the ...

  5. Even the word contentment is rooted in the original Latin meaning of ‘one who is whole or complete’. The ancients spoke of contentment as the highest state of being, which is consistent across all of the cultures that our team studied.

  6. For chrematistics, more is always better…. “. In this definition of economics financial wealth does not trump the wellbeing of the community, as it is distinct from the actions a society must undertake to look after its members. The threat to our livelihoods that a fall in GDP represents is due to a conflation of economics with chrematistics.

  7. Marcel Mauss describes it as follows: The system of gift-through-exchange permeates all the economic, tribal, and moral life of the Trobriand people. It is “impregnated” with it, as Malinowski very neatly expressed it. It is a constant “give and take.”. The process is marked by a continuous flow in all directions of presents given ...

  1. 論文格式 word 相關
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