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    Koryo-saram. Koryo-saram ( Korean: 고려사람; Russian: Корё сарам; Ukrainian: Корьо-сарам) is the name which ethnic Koreans in the post-Soviet states use to refer to themselves. The term is composed of two Korean words: "Koryo", a historical name for Korea, and " saram ", meaning "person" or "people". Approximately 500,000 ...

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  2. Old Man (song) This article is about the Neil Young song. For the song of the same title by Love, see Forever Changes. " Old Man " is a song written and performed by Canadian rock singer-songwriter and guitarist Neil Young from his 1972 album Harvest. "Old Man" was released as a single on Reprise Records in the spring of 1972, reaching number 4 ...

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    The PAJ was founded in 1949 by Japanese philosophers, with Amano Teiyū being elected its first president. Beginning in 1952, mainly through the efforts of presidents Amano, Ide Takashi (March 10, 1892 – March 9, 1980), Shimomura Toratarō (August 17, 1902 – January 22, 1995), Mutai Risaku (August 8, 1880 – July 5, 1974), and Watsuji Tetsurō (1889 – ...

    Annual conference
  3. List of Chinese classifiers. In the tables, the first two columns contain the Chinese character representing the classifier, in traditional and simplified versions when they differ. The next four columns give pronunciations in Standard (Mandarin) Chinese, using pinyin; Cantonese, in Jyutping and Yale, respectively; and Minnan (Taiwan).

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