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  1. Tân Kiàn-jîn. Chen Chien-jen [3] OS KSG KHS ( Chinese: 陳建仁, born 6 June 1951) is a Taiwanese epidemiologist and politician who has served as the premier of the Republic of China (Taiwan) since 2023. He joined the Chen Shui-bian presidential administration in 2003 as leader of the Department of Health, serving through 2005.

  2. In philosophy of science, the Duhem–Quine thesis, also called the Duhem–Quine problem, posits that it is impossible to experimentally test a scientific hypothesis in isolation, because an empirical test of the hypothesis requires one or more background assumptions (also called auxiliary assumptions or auxiliary hypotheses ): the thesis says ...

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    Palgrave is named after the Palgrave family. Classical historian Sir Francis Palgrave, who founded the Public Record Office, and his four sons were all closely tied with Macmillan Publishers in the 19th century: 1. Francis Turner Palgrave acted as assistant private secretary to future Prime Minister Gladstone, before creating his Palgrave's Golden ...

    Palgrave Macmillan represents the sales, marketing and distribution interests of W. H. Freeman, Worth Publishers, Sinauer Associates, and University Science Books outside the US, Canada, Australia and the Far East. Palgrave Macmillan previously distributed I.B. Tauris in the U.S. and Canada; and Manchester University Press, Pluto Press, and Zed Boo...

    Launched in 2012, Palgrave Pivot is an imprintof Palgrave Macmillan, aimed at publishing shorter, "rigorously peer-reviewed" monographs, focused on new important research across the Humanities and Social Sciences.

    Notable authors include (alphabetically by last name): 1. Jonathan Bate, is a British academic, biographer, critic, broadcaster, novelist and scholar of Shakespeare, Romanticism and Ecocriticism, and editor of The RSC Shakespeare: The Collected Works 2. Darioush Bayandor, a former Iranian diplomat and retired United Nations regional coordinator for...

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    The Tiananmen Papers combines various government documents with editors' notes and footnotes to illustrate the situation within the Chinese Communist Party surrounding the time of the protests. The documents are arranged in chronological order from April to late June 1989. The book portrays a sense of factionalism and power struggle within the Part...

    Authenticity and selection bias are two main sources of controversy about the book. To determine whether the documents presented in the book are authentic is problematic, if not impossible. While a process of authentication would require a comparison of the documents used in The Tiananmen Papers with the original materials, few of these original do...

    The Chinese government has denounced The Tiananmen Papers as fake, and both the Chinese and English version of the book have been banned in the mainland.One of the editors, Andrew Nathan, has been banned from entering China due to his connection with the book.

    June Fourth: The True Story (中國「六四」真相)(publisher's website)
    "Release of `Tiananmen Papers' Could Stimulate Chinese Reform," CNN, January 7, 2001.
    "Chinese Government Says Tiananmen Papers Are Fake," CNN, January 9, 2001.
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    It is widely used in computer vision tasks such as image annotation, vehicle counting, activity recognition, face detection, face recognition, video object co-segmentation. It is also used in tracking objects, for example tracking a ball during a football match, tracking movement of a cricket bat, or tracking a person in a video. Often, the test im...

    Every object class has its own special features that helps in classifying the class – for example all circles are round.Object class detection uses these special features. For example, when looking for circles, objects that are at a particular distance from a point (i.e. the center) are sought. Similarly, when looking for squares, objects that are ...

    Methods for object detection generally fall into either neural network-based or non-neural approaches. For non-neural approaches, it becomes necessary to first define features using one of the methods below, then using a technique such as support vector machine (SVM) to do the classification. On the other hand, neural techniques are able to do end-...

    "Object Class Detection". Archived from the original on 2013-07-14. Retrieved 2013-10-09.
    "ETHZ – Computer Vision Lab: Publications". Archived from the original on 2013-06-03. Retrieved 2013-10-09.
  3. Old Man (song) " Old Man " is a song written and performed by Canadian rock singer-songwriter and guitarist Neil Young from his 1972 album Harvest. "Old Man" was released as a single on Reprise Records in the spring of 1972, reaching number 4 in Canada, [2] and number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for the week ending June 3.

  4. Website. www .unl .edu. The University of Nebraska–Lincoln ( Nebraska, NU, or UNL) is a public land-grant research university in Lincoln, Nebraska. Chartered in 1869 by the Nebraska Legislature as part of the Morrill Act of 1862, the school was known as the University of Nebraska until 1968, when it absorbed the Municipal University of Omaha ...

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