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  1. Citi Taiwan Business Department Code remains to be 021-0018 (021 as the bank code, and 0018 as the branch code) The account number and related rights of all Citi corporate and institutional clients in Taiwan remain unchanged. Please use 021-0018 for all TWD incoming transactions, and SWIFT CODE: CITITWTX for all FCY incoming tractions, to ...

  2. 各位親愛的客戶,. 花旗集團於2023年8月14日公佈成功完成台灣消金業務出售予星展 (台灣)銀行。. 花旗將持續致力於運用花旗的全球網絡和產品,專注發展引領市場的企業暨機構金融業務。. 花旗將持續深耕台灣,與800家跨國公司、1,600 家中小企業、100家本土龍頭 ...

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