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  1. 2022/9/15 · Now Chris Spears is leaving KCNC-TV and the broadcasting industry for a new phase of his life. The meteorologist announced his departure from CBS4 in September 2022, but his plans were a long time in the making. His viewers wonder where he is going next and if they will still see him on television. Here’s where you can catch Chris Spears.

  2. 2022/5/18 · Ashley Cordray and Michael Cordray’s Kids. When they were new reality stars, the couple was expecting their first child together. Their oldest daughter, Elle Lane, was born on November 25, 2019, while they were filming the second season of Restoring Galveston. “I went to the hospital and got induced while the crew was on break,” Ashley ...

    • American
    • Spring, Texas
    • TV Personality
    • 1987/02/21
  3. 2022/5/19 · Michael Cordray and Ashley Cordray’s Relationship and Kids. Michael Cordray met TAMUG alum Ashley Youngblood when she began working at Kirby Inland Marine. They began dating in 2011 and were married on April 4, 2014. Their oldest daughter, Elle Lane, was born on November 25, 2019, when they were filming the second season of Restoring Galveston.

  4. 2022/8/1 · Huntington residents in West Virginia woke up to Melanie Shafer’s newscasts for at least 22 years. But that will end in August 2022. Melanie Shafer announced she is leaving WSAZ NewsChannel 3 and retiring from a three-decade-long career. The award-winning news anchor is an inspiration to young journalists, but she is also a strong voice of ...

  5. 2022/6/8 · Amy Hollyfield graduated from Texas Tech University in 1995 with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. Details about her early career are unknown. We do know that she has anchored the morning broadcasts on ABC7 in San Francisco since 2002. On June 7, Hollyfield tweeted it was her last day on air at ABC7.

  6. 2022/8/22 · The meteorologist isn’t leaving for a new job, and it’s unlikely we will be seeing her reporting on the weather for a couple of years. Ricketts is leaving the Washington area to follow her husband overseas on his new posting for the next two years. However, she has not revealed where the posting is. Ricketts is married to Eric Earnhardt, a ...

  7. 2022/8/2 · Photo: microgen/envato. Phil Reed has been Eastern Iowa’s source for news for six years. But now, he’s moving on to the next step of his career. Phil Reed announced he is leaving KCRG-TV9, and Cedar Rapids residents naturally had questions. They want to know where he is going next and if his new job will also take him away from the city.

  1. 貸款利息算法 相關
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