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  1. 2016年11月1日 · 而这部不仅非常农场主,而且还有独特的拼图机制,掷骰机制与升级后的工人放置机制。. 最后,在洞农被诟病重开性不高后,乌玫瑰总算又加入了卡牌元素。. 虽然按乌玫瑰的尿性…卡牌平衡性做的不会太好…但大量的卡牌也让游戏的重开度大大提升,且…也能 ...

  2. Here I Stand: Wars of the Reformation 1517-1555 is the first game in over 25 years to cover the political and religious conflicts of early 16th Century Europe.

  3. A cooperative game of adventure for 1-5 players set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. It is named after the book series by the same name recounting the adventures of the dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden and his friends.

  4. Earthborne Rangers is a customizable, co-operative card game set in the wilderness of the far future. You take on the role of a Ranger, a protector of the mountain valley you call home: a vast wilderness transformed by monumental feats of science and technology devised to save the Earth from destruction long ago.

  5. In the tile-laying game Castles of Mad King Ludwig, players are tasked with building an amazing, extravagant castle for King Ludwig II of room at a time.

  6. Dune: Imperium is a game that uses deck-building to add a hidden-information angle to traditional worker placement. It finds inspiration in elements and characters from the Dune legacy, both the new film from Legendary Pictures and the seminal literary series from Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert, and Kevin J. Anderson.

  7. The objective of Power Grid is to supply the most cities with power when someone's network gains a predetermined size. In this new edition, players mark pre-existing routes between cities for connection, and then bid against each other to purchase the power plants that they use to power their cities.

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