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  2. 禮品米禮盒專業訂製,提供多種精緻外銷米,多樣化創意包裝,質感與眾不同! 榮獲經濟部金點設計獎章,囍米禮盒伴手禮展示中心,歡迎蒞臨永和旗艦店鑑賞!


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    • The Official Downton Abbey Cocktail Book
    • Ted Lasso “Believe” Keychain
    • Schitt’s Creek Monopoly
    • Binge Watch Survival Guide
    • Schrute Farms Tee
    • Roku Ultra Steaming Device
    • Central Perk Mug
    • Yellowstone Dutton Ranch T-Shirt
    • “Spill The Tea” Lady Whistledown Mug
    • Peaky Blinders “The Garrison” Tumblers

    There was a serious drinking culture in Downton Abbey, and this 160-page collection of cocktail recipes covers some of the best boozy concoctions from the 1920s — with no need to fight Prohibition. Featuring a foreword by show creator and screenwriter Julian Fellowes, the book features classics like the mint julep and character-inspired sips such a...

    You better believe that this will make a great gift for fans of Ted Lasso, capturing just a small part of Ted’s constant optimism in a thoughtful gesture.

    There’s a pretty impressive amount of detail to this Schitt’s Creek edition of Monopoly, from the properties on the board (you can buy the Rosebud Motel, Café Tropical and more) to game tokens in the form of David’s sunglasses, Moira’s wig, Patrick’s guitar and others. Hopefully the players don’t go quite as broke as the Rose family.

    Binging guides are perfect for everyone from the casual fan to serious TV addicts. This onecovers all of the basics, providing everything from snack-holders to fun merch.

    The Schrute Farm captures Dwight’s wacky persona so perfectly. And if you have a slightly eccentric friend, who maybe shares some of that craziness, the Schrute Farms tee could be an ideal gift for The Officesuperfans in your life.

    Roku‘s wireless streaming device is one of the best gifts for TV fans and cordcutters who can’t stop adding to their watch list. And now compatible with pretty much any app out there, the TV options are limitless — so whether they can’t get enough of Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Paramount+or any other streamer (all of which also make great gifts), recip...

    Friends is now 28 years old at this point, but it’s still a classic. While it’s impossible to have a cup at Central Perk, it can be taken on the go.

    Even if they’re already visited the real-life Big Sky Country, Yellowstone show fans will get a kick out of this shirtfrom the Dutton family’s fictional ranch.

    Lady Whistledown certainly spills a ton of tea over the course of the hit TV series. This playful mug charming gift for Bridgertonfans and will hopefully keep their drink of choice in place.

    Fans of Peaky Blinders know that The Garrison isn’t always the safest place to drink, especially if you’ve not got that signature flat cap on. But it’s possible to bring the fictional bar home with these cool glass tumblers.

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  3. 2024年5月30日 · eBay. eBay is one of the best online designer resale sites thanks to its expansive range of luxury fashion, including handbags, jewelry, watches, accessories and more. We love that you can sort by...

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