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  1. 2024年6月11日 · Download your free Euro 2024 sweepstake printable PDF for the tournament in Germany that's perfect for playing with family and friends.

  2. 2024年6月20日 · McVities has launched a new chocolate twist on Rich Tea biscuits with a cocoa flavour that's available exclusively in Tesco supermarkets.

  3. 2024年6月16日 · Mondelēz International, the owner of Cadbury, is partnering with Lotus Biscoff and have announced new chocolate products launching in 2025.

  4. 2024年6月30日 · Deepfake AI-generated viral videos of England manager Gareth Southgate are helping to ‘build morale’ for supporters, one Three Lions fan has argued. The Football Association (FA) are unhappy ...

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    • Liam Grace
  5. 2024年7月5日 · Calafiori, 22, has emerged as a top transfer target for both Arsenal and Chelsea following a superb campaign at Bologna, helping the Serie A side qualify for next season’s Champions League. Despite...

  6. 2024年6月10日 · But now it’s 2024, and it’s all about the asparagus (note both octopus and asparagus end in ‘us’ so perhaps that’s what bestows the mystical powers.) Fortune teller Jemima Packington, 67 ...

  7. 2024年6月28日 · Former La Liga referee, Iturralde Gonzalez, urged the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to improve relations with UEFA after four of their five officials were dismissed after the group stage....

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